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Nekonny, do let Kimi know why you are not “alright”, tell her HOW you feel about her.

that’s what’s coming and sense the spirits haven’t moved on yet. I think we have another twist coming.

Poor guy feels cheated. Can’t blame him.

do you honestly think so man? I mean lets face facts if it wasn’t for Nekonny’s Impulsive gesture to show off that he was supposed to be the “badass” fighter and trying to impress Kimi by attacking the boss on his own and getting knocked on his behind against a building which in turn crumbled on him forcing Kimi to get serious after the monster made that taunt (i’ll allow you 1 hit before sending you to be with your mate) quip that made Kimi go full power and use up her lifeforce, if it wasn’t for that She would NOT have had to DIE! or am I mistaken eh?

I feel it … I am certain that I was freakin’ right ! No offence, no no no no no, but you totally ruined the end of the story… 1 time I wanted to see a happy ending … 1 TIME … And I again get to see that those that would make the most beautiful couple will end up in, like, different galaxies … Why not give them a chance to be together? Why make thousands of children all over the world cry coz of them? (Joke here, laugh please 😀 )

Well… I wanna read till the story is over to see how wrong I am here ^_^
… But still, you shouldn’t have sacrificed her, because it’s not just her, Nekonny as well…

Ohh, forgot to mention … the bell is away, the guardians unneeded … And it looks like they will disappear as well, leave Nek with the girls and deep eternal deppression, eh?

Yeah, I’ll be honest, the whole Pyrrhic victory thing has gotten so overused in entertainment these days, they felt that a happy ending is too cliché, so many creators try to veer away from happy endings that the pyrrhic ending itself has gotten tired, clichéd and done to death

I am so sorry. This makes me feel like a terrible person to point this out, but no one else has said it, so… THAT IS THE WRONG KIND OF ITS IN THE FIRST PANEL.

I am deeply sorry for that outburst. The grammar nazi in me had a little heart attack.

I hate to be one of those guys, but this is technically Mayas fault and if she doesn’t show up here in one way or another: either to redeem herself or commit suicide due to the guilt, it will never have a proper ending. We don’t want to sweeten it like a kids show: Maya has to be forced to face this outcome of her actions and make a choice: Redemption or Denethor-style death.

You DO realize that Jormungar was brainwashing her, so she can’t be held fully responsible for what she did to the Bell, right?

You DO realize that she pretty much did it out of free will, aka jealousy. evil doesn’t take remote control of you, it prays on your own faults and weaknesses already there. And I never said she is at fault for everything, but she went and messed things up before they had a chance to prepare and make a solid plan out of jealousy. Of course Nekonny COULD just make it “herpderp she was being mind-controlled” but that would just be terribly poor storytelling and extremely anticlimactic. The fact still stands: she has to face the outcome of HER actions one way or another.

Personally, if he goes that route, I wouldn’t mind it, because at least to me it was pretty clear she was being controlled/possessed.

Well he could get away with “he controlled my body so i couldn’t do anything”, but it would STILL be poor writing compared to a more mature, in-depth and advanced explanation of the entire consequences of selfish acts, jealousy and general misuse of free will.

I mean take Dart Vader, he prolly wouldn’t exist (at least not in the way he did) if not for Palpatine, but it’s not like Palps used mind control: it was all about making him do stuff by his own free will, and if one dumps that important piece of any legend, myth or saga, it doesn’t work well when you’re trying to write a “fantasy” kind of story.

What. Questions:

1# Why does Kimi have to go?

2# If Kimi goes, doesn’t everyone who turned into the warrior goes as well? or at least using the bell goes as well?

3# So does that mean that Kimi is gone and Neko is going to be alone? Way to screw that ending up. If anyone needs to go its the island chick.

4# Why the hell are the spirits are going? Darkness can’t not be destroyed with destroying light at the same time. Ying and Yang philosophy people. Jesus.
5# Does Neko get his human form back at least? And doesn’t this leave him broken and changed from this little VA-CA?

You claim to believe in Ying-Yang and use The Lord’s Name in vain? I think you’re comment just flew out of the window. OFC evil can never be fully destroyed at it’s universal core by anyone of us, because it exists in everything: that is what the corruption is about: it has corrupted universe so it is now part of nature, but once there was only light, and eventually it will go back to only being light after darkness goes down fighting. Ying-Yang is about as wrong as those who believe there are no light or darkness: They are always at conflict in every possible way, both physically and metaphysically, whether we can see it or not, but they are not striking any form of “balance”, it’s not a war about keeping “balance” in check, it’s a war to drive the other one out and lay claim/protect the universe. There are sometimes gray zones that appear during the war, but that is because of several factors such as free will, or being in the “eye of the storm” of the spiritual warfare, but they are ALWAYS temporal and sooner or later all grey zones shifts into either light or darkness. Those who believe darkness and light needs to coexist and strike a balance, are merely does who do not know how to see the continuous bloody war between them, but the chief difference is, while light would gladly correct you so you won’t be in the wrong, darkness is fed just as much by does who willingly follows them, by those who do not believe in it, and those who have misconceptions about it, such as the incorrect “Ying-Yang” myth.

“The myth of Christ is the one true myth from which all other lesser myths are derived from”
-J R R Tolkien

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