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Ha! That’s a friendly greeting, huh? XD

She said “hello,” didn’t she? “A” for effort! ^__^


Woah, more like A-.

She really knows how to make a ”warm” greeting.

Odd that Ennek would question going back west, considering she was very much against leaving Kilani alone 27 pages ago on 316, roughly a few hours ago in story-time.

A good observation, though I should point out that Ennek never mentions reservations about going back for Kilani, but just the act of backtracking. Rula, Kenzi, and Naisha bring up Kilani. Perhaps after they’d gone so far east, Ennek might simply be concerned that this long walk was all for naught.

Well at least she said hello… before she almost roasted them alive, I’m excepting a butchered attempt at communication for our next next chapter, should be fun.

If I would guess, that would have to be Cinder, since there are no language brackets and she’s been the one practicing the Tiger language XD ‘Course it could be just Cinder speaking and Kighan could be doing the pyrotechnics.

Either way, time for the shit to hit the fan! owo/

CRAP! The Dragons Found ’em!

And made their presence felt.

What I worry about is the placement in the first panel. We have the three up front, Kess and the two non-twin sisters with the rest behind them…

…That behind them is turned into a Fire Ball.

I just hope you didn’t kill four Tigresses in one go…

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