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“BLANG”? I don’t even want to know what made that noise.

sadly I have firsthand experience to that noise… though it was a dutch oven launching the cast iron lid off into the sky when the food we were cooking steamed off the bacardi we had put in the steak (recipe called for it), and ignited on the coals, causing it to act like a pressure cooker that had the bolts fail (had that one happen as well). We found it a hundred feet out of camp.

“And we need to get in its comfort zone and FUCK WITH IT!”

Normally that kind of manic/”zany” sort of character tends to really get on my nerves, but Alex here has a knack for taking things in unexpected directions without coming off as lolrandom. Congrats on nailing that balancing act!

I like Alex’s enthusiasm here, and can relate a bit to her fire fighting approach.
Get in there and put it out, don’t hold back.
Also- fire blanket anyone? no one else keeps one on the wall in their kitchen for just such an emergency? Or a small dry powder extinguisher?

On a side note, Art seems entirely too calm about the whole situation, maybe he’s spent too much time hanging around with Pete.

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