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He should fall for Jazmin anyway. >.>

By admitting that to himself, he already has.

Now we just wait for him to figure it out and get together with her.

This is getting quite interesting now, to be honest it would make more sense to go with Jazmin than Chrissy. Jazmin just seems so much more interesting and depth to her character and lets face it, she can be so cute. 😀

A part of me wants to say, “Screw Chrissy, be happy with Jazmin! She’s not the kind to just randomly change her mind and she will always be there!” And then there’s the other part of me that says, “I understand how hard it can be to ignore feelings already there and he’s already committed to trying it again with Chrissy. Jazmin may still be interested down the road if that falls apart.” Making it worse, still a third part says, “Hmm, pizza sounds good for lunch…” and I kinda forget what I’m thinking about…

… What was I saying? Oh, yeah! Jazmin’s such a cutie — when she’s not looking like she’s gonna kick your arse for saying something inappropriate!

Kinda liking Quick less and less as this goes forward. He’s picking the fickle, flighty girl over the one that’s clearly more mature and stable (both mentally and emotionally). I’ve dated girls like Chrissy. It always ends badly. And I’m not saying that simply from my own experience. I’ve had friends that dated girls like her, too. I’ve never seen it end well for the guy.

Quick needs to just get over Chrissy. I’ve known girls like her, they’re not worth the trouble to form a relationship. Jazmin has her own issues (not to mention a jankball family), but she’s a much more grounded, centred person with an honest heart.

But then again, that wouldn’t have much storytelling excitement :p

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