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Damn Rushauna, you REALLY need to be STOPPED. Rush, you don’t need Hawke. You need to get yourself together. This is what happens, when you’re an selfish, inconsiderate, self-serving, insanely jealous and last but not least, an insecure non-leading coward.

With that said, I hope what happens next, starts her back on the road to not only recovery, but realizing, that she needs to lead by example and most of all, RESPECT HERSELF.

Both she and her sister.

They have an ice gun? Why didn’t Jupiter arm herself with one of those first before leaving the ship? You know, for security measures and self-defense. Now that I think about it, has Rita taken into consideration Swoop in all this? I ask as Swoop could easily sneak up from behind and sneak attack here.

I also can’t tell if Rita is intentionally disrespecting her sister, is envious of her sister, or is speaking the truth about Rush’s hot body. Granted that the tongue ring is kind of a turn off for me, I will say that she has a smoking hot body.

I wonder…I know that gem has magical properties, but it seems to be acting according to it’s own accord. I wonder…is the gem a living magical organism?

Just finished power-reading through this. So far, so good but I hope this just doesn’t end up like EVERY SINGLE OTHER gender-swap story out there.

That being said, I don’t see why Hawke has to live up to that deal. Considering that A: The jewel doesn’t belong to Hawke to give away to begin with and B: It was Keisha/Ariel’s fault this whole current situation began in the first place!

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