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Oh shit, that’s exactly what it is. Ariel, YOU MUTHA-FUCKIN BITCH! Rush is jumping the gun AGAIN!

Hold on there a sec aren’t YOU jumping the gun here? I mean remember that this was actually Deva’s doing against her will, changed Rush’s mind and now the gemstone on her neck is kinda “warping” her brain, that plus she malignantly turned Swoop into her servant forcibly so if Hawke shows up to defend Jupiter they’re gonna have a tough time “fixing her” up

I have an alternative theory here…

We all know that Rush received some upgrades from Deva’s proposal both in
physical and mental alterations. I suspect that Deva planned this all along
in the hopes of making Rush her pet. When I say pet, I imagined a scene
similar to that of Java the Hut and Princess Leia in her slave outfit from
Star Wars, specifically Rush in a chain and what not. Hey…don’t judge;
everyone was thinking it. XD No but seriously, that’s what I believe
Deva’s plan was originally; however, I suspect that Deva didn’t fully grasp
the full extent of the gem’s power and how some of Hawke’s personality is in
there as evidenced with Chica and her superior fighting style. Based on
recent attitude, well-toned body, and how large everything has become, I
suspect that Rush become more manish than anything else, in the sense of
excess testosterone. I hope she’s not becoming a full blown man. XD No but
seriously, her actions do resemble that of how a man would handle business,
in the form of revenge. In addition, she’s rather big all over in all
departments, a key characteristic of man wanting bigger things. In fact, I
suspect that Rush has become rather too confident and actually left Deva and
the Bikini Squad. In fact, after receiving the upgrade, she actually
injured Deva. Deva isn’t that careless to let Rush leave with the gem after
all. She would have some contingency for this…right? I’m under the
impression that she didn’t as Rush and Swoop are now in one piece uniforms,
a clear violation of the bikini squad.

Nope, I’m not jumping the gun here. If you had gotten what I said. This all adds up. Rush’s immaturity plus her abandoning HER OWN ship, Her sister plus Ariel’s stunt in impersonating Hawke, then Deva. It all adds up in Rush’s way of thinking and yes, I still say, she jumped the gun in assuming Jupiter slept with Hawke.

Yes, it’ll be a tough fix. But it goes to show her(Rushana) character is lacking in several ways.

Okay, I must confess that I’m slightly confused with the dialogue exchange in Panel 1 and Panel 2. Wouldn’t Jupiter be the bigger person here and try and work things out? Granted Jupiter has a point about Rush relying on Swoop so much, she really shouldn’t be poking the cat that much.

Also, I will say that the censorship really does look kind of forced there.

Can someone please remind me again why Skunkula wants that gem so badly? I’d say she’s been causing more than enough trouble without it.

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