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Reiko, thank you….. Now her sister on the other, saw what us people who have either practiced fighting or have some natural skill with noticed, so my money is still on the girl.

Actually I think she was more stunned and surprised/disappointed in what her sister just did IN PUBLIC when she thought Reiko looked like she was taking it seriously, I know I have that face when someone goes in the complete opposite direction of what I was expecting

But just for argument sake let’s hope she really let’s him have it much to Rei’s discontent and after defeating Skye flips Rei “the bird”

Rei would then proceed to assault her sexually, either that or just flatout beat the crap out of her, but lets face it, this comic could go either way, Skye could end up totally whooping her or he could get his butt kicked

To tell you the truth people think that just because she trained in ninjutsu with him that they are invincible n such, when it doesn’t matter if they learned a martial art if mentally they aren’t serious they can be defeated and a lesson in humility is always a good learning experience (tho a bitter one at that)
To go n beat her up just because he gets beaten would be dishonorable and Jazmin might not allow her sister to do such a thing

I’m thinkin it may be something to the effect of it turns out to be a far more difficult battle than he expected but he still comes out on top. then at the end because they are so curious they are all”who are you anyway?” and then it turns out to be his sister or something… that,s my guess.

Exactly Jazmin realizes that This girl got something up her sleeve with just looking at her fighting style, but dear sister is only interested in seeing her royal orbs exposed, (now I really want Isabella to give him a lesson in humility and make him “Toast” the pervy bum needs it)

I think you’re not giving Reiko enough credit. It’s possible that she’s thinking the same thing that Jazmin is, but until she sees something that she needs to be actively concerned about, she has no reason to be anything other than her usual self. This is a sporting event after all, and I would imagine that Skye has had defeats before now.

It could also be that is her way of telling Skye to take the fight seriously. Its not so easy to rip off a shirt and that would take extra concentration to do intentionally since not only do you have to concentrate on the fight, you now have to also concentrate on divesting her of that shirt.

So Mora has to start making big girl decisions if she wants to keep the farm and find the money to even fund the Marriage. And the comment about the Mother is very interesting. On how no matter the stipulation there is always an influx of money that the Mother ( or mom ) had access to. That even remains elusive to Alejandra. So the question is, how did she run the farm all by herself while taking care of Mora and Randal? And will we get a satisfing answer to said question.

My hypothesis is that A. the mother is a former guardian prime whatsamacallit those fancy guys with the flames n’stuff. B. She has an in with the bad people with the cool looking tattoos. Or C. She is just an independent woman who is really good with the stock market and constantly hitting 10,000,000$ jackpots(+tax)

I have a feeling I am just reading to into this.

Ok, so we went from really serious to light hearten dumbassery now to a mix between the 2. Why? I’m ok to light hearten moments in serious situations, but only if they are done right, unlike here. Here, it’s Mora being a dumb ass ON PURPOSE so her ‘bother’ can have a good wedding (look back either 1, 2 or 3 pages back to see the better ways to execute this that I suggested) and they saying that her mom would have done the same…now I know why she’s a dumb ass! She takes it after her mom! Congrats Mora’s mom (forgot her name), you won the award for stupidest parent ever by teaching your children that money grows on trees (or Ex-Machinas) and that they should always blame things on other people! Thank you for these wonderful children. Also, that’s their excuse for why Alej didn’t shut Mora down and why Mora is justified to allow this?! That is some of the most lazy bullshit plot point reasons ever! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…fuck this chapter.

I will admit, the break in the action with the cheese and wine thing was a better option for the transition to the next day/part.

It blows my mind how stupid Mora’s showing herself to be, and yet we’re still supposed to think she’s so fucking great. “That’s the kinda shit I WANT to pay for!” Good for you, dumbass, but contrary to what living as the Mary Sue protagonist of this dumpster fire of a comic has taught you, you can’t always have exactly what you want, and what you want is seldom the same as what you need! I WANT to spend my money on anime shit and video games and trips to cool places, but I have rent to pay, food to buy and laundry to do and I have a very limited amount each month to do it all with! That’s life, and that’s a lesson this comic will NEVER fucking teach its impressionable intended audience!

And bears a bigger question I’ve already asked: how did Mora, possibly the dumbest business person in the furry world, was able to keep the farm by HERSELF at the beginning of the story? Like, how much time had passed since Diana died and Mora took over the farm? I’d say a lot, since Mora is clearly not in mourning and Randal probably had left since there was no reason to stay there all alone, but yep, we haven’t gotten a single iota of consistency in these 12+ years the comic’s been around, no reason to believe that’ll be different any time soon.

Come on guys… If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Besides, it’s just a comic, not real life; it doesn’t HAVE to make sense. When have most comics EVER made sense? Also, it’s the author’s comic, NOT yours. He can write it however he wants to. Oh, and if you think you’re just criticizing the comic, then you’re wrong. What you’re doing is complaining, not criticizing. If you want to be complain and be jerks, that’s fine, but go do it somewhere else.

Wow, that is the most spineless, sack of crap response I’ve ever heard. Yeah. “don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is fine .. for a little kid, In the real world, shit don’t work that way, You suck at something? you are doing something dangerous? You are performing badly at something? The world and the adults in it don’t OWE you ANYTHING and don’t have to “say something nice.”

“Besides, it’s just a comic, not real life; it doesn’t HAVE to make sense. When have most comics EVER made sense?” This is the same mentality that lets crap like Barney, Teletubbies and other bullshit on the air. “it’s only for kids, we don’t have to try.” Or as you are saying. “It’s only a comic, why bother to give a damn?” Not only is that insulting on so many levels to those who DO put their heart and soul into writing and actually produce GOOD stuff, There is such a thing as “Internal consistency” Where something will make sense in the world as it operates with in the logic, means, culture, technology, and setting OF the world. Thus, if a comic sets up ground rules of a world, and follows them, Things CAN make sense in the comic. That being said, This comic doesn’t follow its own rules, does not follow anything close to how people react, nore does it try to have any internal consistency what so ever.

If you think you’re putting up a good defense for this comic, you’re wrong, you are just spouting crap that any highschooler in a literature and writing class could slap down and would get you laughed out of any writing business and black listed.

I suggest you think a fair bit harder before you climb up on your soap box and spout shit, because all happened was you got pushed off it and beaten with the box.

Yes it DOES have to make sense. “It’s just a webcomic” is not an excuse for awful writing, especially when four different people are credited for it. Yes, this story and the characters’ actions and behaviour do need some semblance of logic applied to them, especially since this is a supposed attempt at a serious story set in a world that works like our own with characters we’re somehow intended to see as realistic and relatable, not some goofy little set of cartoony funtime nonsequiturs.

Hell, it’s like when people yell at the Nostalgia Critic for bashing a poorly made children’s show or movie that treats its target audience like morons. Like, all they’re doing is proving his point, that there are too many people with the mindset of “Oh, it’s for children, it doesn’t NEED to be good!”

People have their own ways of criticizing, some being way more blunt. While their comments may sound harsh, they do have valid points. Blunt criticism is better than no criticism, and this is coming from someone who’s read this comic since 2011 and loved it for a good number of years. Still, I’m not one of those people who make long paragraphs breaking down the flaws of each page.

Sorry if I don’t get it right. I assume you are aware that we talk about people who post negative and judgmental comments on the author since a long time (more than 6 months for what I could track). Typically the kind of comment that hurts and make feel bad the owner of this webcomic. No suggestion for improvement, not a single compliment, only rant after rant. It’s only a succession of “it sucks” in every possible variation. And one thing I found particularly hillarious is that one of them claim to be an amateur writer but he neither never give a piece of advice. I guess it’s so much easier to say that’s bad and why that’s bad rather to say how it could be good. Yeah. I found it very funny because a true amateur would encourage his colleagues and help them instead of trying to sink them down (you read me, fake amateur writer? Sorry, I forgot your name[s], but you really should work on socialization and not antagonizing ).

Sorry about that. I’m ranting too. Anyway, I have no problem if people from times to times want to point out mistakes and plot holes. I do that too on other series and movies. But when it’s always all the time, I call that bullshit. Or troll, which might be more accurate. And I tend to be not tolerant with such people.

I hear ya, old buddy, however, there’s a bit of a problem with your argument:
1. I’ve mentioned to you more than once that me, and the other two guys out of the “three complainers” as you refer to us, have indeed praised the comic where it’s due, heck, Joshua has praised the art on hairstyles more than once, and Al has even corrected me some stuff that I get wrong and stand up to his views against me, and I’ve even told you the exact page where I praise the comic the most, so… even after all this, if you still have the cheek to say all we do is complain, well, you’re either being hypocritical or choosing to be ignorant willing.
2. You seem not to know what amateur means, why would an amateur writer be expected to give tips to people who have been writing something for over a decade? And also, lots of people have been giving their advice on how to improve the comic, but the writers, sadly, don’t seem to listen to any of that, and some people get rightfully angry that their voice falls to deaf ears since some people actually WANT this comic to be good and be more than… whatever it is now.
But if you want, I can give my tips and honest praise (where it’s due) to this comic, I’ll even do it respectfully, I can do that happily on my next response to you, the question is, will it matter to you? Or do you wanna keep complaining about us like you say we complain about this comic?

Pointing out where this comic is tripping over itself is fine. The problem is that it’s the same people coming in to vomit on every single page and the people who call them out on that. Opinions are great, even opinions about how stupid Mora is being (she is), but the usual suspects show very little ability to hold back from name calling, or attaching condescending remarks and reactions to what otherwise might be valid points.

From what I see, they are not interested in discussion, they just like punching downwards at whatever doesn’t suit their tastes on writing or anatomy, and whoever doesn’t fall in lockstep in agreeing with them. Hell, one of them basically admitted that they were just here to point, laugh and very slowly build a video series meant just to tear it down.

Chalo’s next step should start looking towards consulting a professional writer for assistance, but IMHO he has the art nailed. Yes, It is art, and it doesn’t have to be a tracing of a Da Vinci sketch to be considered so.

This might be a comic about cowgirls with huge boobs, but this is not a COD channel.

I’m predicting the new effort would be even less entertaining than that series I saw of a guy in a dark room spending about five separate half-hour videos essentially telling me, “Yes, I hate Las Lindas, and Chalo needs to collaborate with a good writer.”, I agree with him about the writing quality – but unlike other people – I don’t rely on vomiting on things to fuel my enjoyment if it doesn’t involve another bully being under that stream.

That guy did relent on one thing. He said that overall, he did like the art and it was obvious that Chalo spent a long time working on it.

The new series would be far from original. I’m also betting that there’d be a fair amount of fetish shaming and similar douchebaggery being spread around. That on top of a wholly predictable, and constant whinging about anatomy that ingores Chalo’s other improvements would make the thing a waste of time for myself, more than it already has just from thinking about it.

As for your question, I’m unsure at the moment. (UPDATE: I am, but I don’t feel like telling you things you already know.) Go ask someone else who makes a hobby out of being a prick under the veneer of criticism, since that’s not my area at all. That’s all I will say.

Right. Might turn out to be totally not a predictable dead-horse beating!

There is a difference between criticism (I’m fine with), and vomit (not so much) – but I don’t know what good it would do to try to make that case to someone who says ‘put your tampon in’ to someone.

Forget it. You win. Whatever you say next, I’ll concede. I’ve seen this all before. Hopefully Chalo gets a mod or a filter put in place to separate the constant garbage in the comments section.

Dude, you’re being incredibly selective in your argument, that tampon thing was just a joke, I said that, and even apologized for all of my behavior to that person, and said person accepted my apology. Also “vomiting” is not an actual term for heavy criticism, it’s just something you came up with right now to denote what you don’t like nor agree with, but good luck on getting that filter, might as well wish for one for the whole internet, since merely wishing is what gets people far, huh? Toodles.

You may like the art, but yes, one of the reasons I DO constantly ‘bitch’ about the lack of anatomy in his drawings, is Anatomy is not subject to style. Anatomy is firm. you can have a cartoon style that ignores it for sure, but generally semi realistic themes or themes trying to capitalize on characters being.. you know.. sexy? or some shit? are far more bound to it. Also the reason I constantly shit on his art style, is because not to long ago, he was actually fricken good at drawing the sexy.

Usually how it is for Artists is their perception for being able to see what is anatomically wrong out paces their ability to draw stuff. Here, it’s just like he put a gun to the head of his “how boobs and muscles work” section of his talent and pulled the trigger. And it’s starting to effect everything of the art work.

Mora’s head ain’t the size it should be at all, you can just look at the banner and then down at the comic and see its shrinking.

Where the hell did you come up with “kink shaming”? That has to be the dumbest thing to whine about when people are calling out a comic for its bullshit. “Oh, they’re kink shaming, naah~” Are you serious?

Even if my web show was like beating a dead horse the way.. it would still be a lot more fresh, honest and inventive than the writing on this garbage.

Ummm… Just because I don’t respond right away doesn’t mean I blocked you guys. Also, just so you all know, I’m not in high school, I’m 30 years old. Plus, there’s a difference between criticism (blunt or not) and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (even though you guys aren’t criticizing, but complaining). Remember guys: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you
can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all
of the people all of the time.” I have a feeling some of you guys frequent “The Bad Webcomics Wiki.” Anyway, I’ll try to respond to everything I can, as nicely as I can.

@disqus_suskKGbLUx:disqus 1 – No, people don’t have to say anything nice, but they should. 2 – I’m not saying that artists shouldn’t try to draw good comics, I’m saying that they don’t have to. If they want to tell a story and only If they want to switch gears midway through their comic, or change things up a bit, they can because it’s their comic and no one else’s. If you think that what they did is stupid, that’s fine, but you don’t need to be a pompous jerk about it. (like you are now). Also, what if they aren’t a “good” (relative term) artist yet, does that
mean they can’t draw comics? No! If they want to draw comics, they can
because it’s their choice. As for consistency, this is from TV Tropes page on consistency: “Consistency aids Willing Suspension of Disbelief, while violations of consistency may be jolting and unexpected, which can BENEFIT BOTH HUMOR AND DRAMA.” Anyway, if you think that this comic has gone to the dogs, then why are you still reading it?

@disqus_ZutO22o6DJ:disqus 1 – It’s fine that you think that this comic has awful writing, but you shouldn’t say it as though it is fact (even if you think it is). Like I said to Joshua, artists can do whatever they want with their comics. If they want their comic to make no sense whatsoever, they can. You should check out the trope “Writer on Board.” Anyway, If you don’t like what they do, that’s fine; just stop reading it and don’t complain about it.

@vgmaster9:disqus That’s not what I mean. What I mean is that creator’s of media can do whatever they want for their platform (comic, movie, game, etc.).

@gourrygabrief:disqus Thanks for siding with me! 🙂

@vveri:disqus 1 – Maybe you guys have praised it, but you seem to complain a lot as well. 2 – Perhaps the artists are listening, but haven’t changed anything because THEY think it’s good. Just because YOU think it’s bad, doesn’t mean it is.

@kyuuen:disqus Perhaps the writing is the way it is for a reason. You should check out the trope “Writer on Board.

There, i believe that’s most, if not everything, covered.

Umm… just how mean can you be? Your opinions, while based on facts, are not facts themselves. What you say are untested claims. Anyway, quit trying to impose your opinions on us. Why don’t you go to the Bad Webcomics WIki (which I don’t think should exist)? I think you’ll fit in just fine there.

“It’s just a comic, not real life” wow, a new attempt to defend this train wreck has been to my list of retarded excuses from fanboys.

You wanna talk about real life then? This is a BAD webcomic, now, you may think this is no big deal, everyone should write whatever they want, but you’re wrong, because this lowers the standards of upcoming new writers who are just about to start their own webcomics, it makes them think “whoa, I really don’t have to try hard (or in Las Lindas’ case, AT ALL) to get moneys from people, I just need to draw big asses and tits and I’ll be set for life like Chalo and co.” so instead of us getting a unique and original piece of work, no matter how humble, we’ll be getting the generic fan-service filled pages that will be discarded off even the fanboys’ minds the moment they finish fapping.

Again, we’ve been reading this pile of mess for OVER A DECADE, I think that has earned us a right to complain whenever and however we damn well want, especially since we know that these dimwits on RARE AF occasions can write SOMETHING right, but it just seems too hard for them that they have to go back to TNA.

All we ask is consistency in both the story, and characters’ personalities, it’s REALLY not that hard, you just have to go and reread your previous material, and go on from there, examples of this are, FOLLOWING THROUGH YOUR OWN PLOT POINTS, like, when Miles finds a plane and gets an epiphany that this is destiny calling onto him, or when Sarah shows an interest to be a writer, or when you show people looking for Sarah who have finally found her, or when Minos wants to be an artist, or when Geecku plants a mysterious tree and nobody in the goddamn farm notices, and the like, FOLLOW THROUGH IT, like, how bad does your memory have to be to forget the very plot points YOU established? But who am I kidding right? The reality is that these points are just not as interesting to the very writers as putting characters ready to fuck each other.

As for personalities, where do I start? When you show a character legit worrying about the upcoming risk of losing her farm (again), don’t just ruin the moment with “ZOMGS! My doggo-nii-chan is getting married” even though her supposed “best friend” has a phobia for marriages and she hasn’t said yes, but sure, let the farm go broke so puppy can buy the most expensive engagement ring because anything less than that (or actually WAITING until they have money) means he doesn’t love her.

Finally, it’s okay to have a protagonist as irresponsible, dumb, selfish and even unlikable as Mora, it really is, protagonists don’t always have to embody the aspect of someone to look up to, see examples of anti-heroes, the problem lies, however, when you try to force your readers feel sympathy for such hateful characters, like “oh no! Mora, literally the seed of Satan himself is on the verge of losing her farm… FOR THE 83RD TIME! Poor, poor, dumb cow, this totally cancels out her illegal working conditions, poor worker-relationships ethics, constant whining whenever she doesn’t get anything her way, and straight up violent tendencies”.

School’s out.

The High Prime is now Naelie since Ambar had her son, and from the looks of it, Naelie is a lot less lenient than her mother. She only bailed Mora out the first time because of a favor she owed to Minos (as they both are primes from the original journey).

Dude, literally the first thing she did is pamper herself, she’s taking this job about as seriously as her irresponsible mother taught her to. Also, unless time really is meaningless in this comic, Ambar hasn’t even given birth yet in-comic, let alone given up her position as High Prime.

What am I saying, of course she has and time is indeed meaningless, we’ve already seen that Alej and Tootsie have had sex and Digit got upgrades out of nowhere and Miles artificially went through years of development as a person in a split second to justify hooking up with Rachael moments after she told him why they can’t be together.

A lot less Lenient? So you got that from…. her ordering chocolate and a bath of rose milk for herself? Because that’s all she’s fucken done.

Phi’s also basically just Fluttershy. To the point where an entire exchange between her and Tootsie was lifted from one between Fluttershy and Rarity. I noticed it immediately because I’m a big fan of the show, and I have no idea how they expected anyone to not call it out.

Compare away!

The saddest thing about Naerie and Ann, however, is that neither of them were originally like that, they were changed for the sake of lazy writing and more “Hey, I get that reference!” moments. Just more examples of how almost every single character has been given a complete characterization makeover and we’re supposed to not notice.

Of course, the main difference is that the stuff Fluttershy said actually makes sense, where as this bull shit that Chalo pulled out of his ass is the WORST TECHNOBABBLE I’VE HEARD EVER and would make the most unabashed Star Trek fan be livid and upset at the amount of clueless horse shit thrown about in the attempt to sound “Technical and smart”


Wow, so Diana was just as a Mary Sue as Mora back in her day?

Nah, if she was, nothing bad would’ve ever happened to her and she’d probably still be alive AND show no signs of being a septuagenarian.

I meant in that she solved all her problems via some Deus Ex Machina, and let’s face it, Diana only died because Chalo didn’t want to risk another cow that looked JUST LIKE MORA getting some of the attention meant for our *protagonist*.

But it was established that she died long before we even first saw her.

Yeah, but now Mora is saying that Diana “somehow always managed” to get through on her own… somehow, which heavily hints, Mary Suing, although, okay, maybe not to the extent as Mora, though maybe indeed Diana only died to try and make us feel sympathy for Satan’s spawn, but anyway, maybe I’m getting way ahead of this.

LOL, I was telling Joshua that I was re-watching Webcomic Relief last night on this comic, and I had completely forgotten that awkward time when Taffy called the planet “Prism”, as in the planet that got blown up by evil aliens and where the Primes originate from, only to see a few pages later Alej asking Mora “What on NEO EARTH are you talking about?” xD you know you’ve done fucked up your writer career when you can’t even keep track of the name of the damn furry planet you created xD

AND they did this during the “200 years ago” flashback when Geecku was telling Miles the truth about Minos, a scene they changed the plot of halfway through because they realized they’d forgotten their own fucking lore again.

“Diana sacrified a lot for someone she loved and Mora hated her for it, culminating in her leaving the farm… It’s history repeating itself in some way?”

Wait wait wait… didn’t Mora run away from home because she wanted to know who her father is?

I don’t think the artist and writers even know any more.

This is why you have story boards, outlines and notes people.

Yep, Mora wanted to know where or even WHO her father was, Diana refused to tell her anything, even as much as a well-made lie, and also wouldn’t tell her where all the money being sent to her was coming from, so Mora ran away and lived as a wandering prostitute for a decade or so while trying to find her dad’s whereabouts.

Hello, and welcome back to “Shit I’ve learned from las Puntas and ask the whore prime!

This page we found out that Mora is indeed a total sack of stupid shit, and does not understand that….. just because you WANT to spend money on something, does not mean you CAN.

Mora’s shirt is tired of holding her zeplin size tits and is letting them sag like the Hindenburg before it finally finished burning to the ground.

Mora left the farm because she hated her mom and NOT because she wanted to know who evil Super Saiyan Bunny daddy was? ..uuh.. ok.. read your own fucking comic writers.

Patches literally had NO FUCKING REASON NOT TO SHUT DOWN MORA, But now shes just SO SUPER HAPPY about taking Gadget ..I mean Tootsie ..out on a date that the BUSINESS FAILING and her friend being a DUMBASS just has all the emotional weight of someone dropping a still wrapped hot pocket on the ground.. nothing.

Mora’s head is shrinking! LOOK AT IT! ITS SO SMALL NOW! She looks like the fucking Goomba from the Super Mario movie! Look at her picture on the banner and then look at this page! XD!!

*looks at the high prime*
AAAAHHAHAHAHA! Mora’s head IS SHRINKING! OH MY GOD! AHAHAHAHAH! Oh man..Chalo.. what did you have to do to be drawing so often and yet get SO BAD at anatomy?

That’s what happens when 50% of your character in a panel is represented by her boobs, Chalo has only so much space to fit the rest of said character, plus their dialogue, so yes, this explains ALL those panels when characters are talking, and a side-boob is the only source of dialogue, perhaps Chalo’s next comic will feature only breasts or breast-shaped beings like those that Captain Hero gace rise when he recreated the universe on Drawn Together.

I kinda feel like the next few pages are trying to fix what damage the previous page did by making Mora more sympathetic… and not really getting to the heart of the problem, which is that there aren’t enough pages of Mora doing actual farming and business management. Yeah, it’s not good for Alej to spend money now, but it doesn’t absolve Mora for doing the same.

And seriously, Mora is comparing buying the most expensive ring in the store to going to a wine and cheese tasting… and you want us to tiptoe through the tulips with this comic?

“Tiptoe through the tulips”. Now I feel kinda bad. I didn’t think you were going to take something I said in a previous comment section to heart. Alright, let’s agree to disagree and focus on the comic before things get out of hand. Truce?

You just got your panties in a twist because I took seriously one comment you said, am I supposed to take this one seriously or not? Because it’s way easier for me to discard your comments as petty damage control than something serious.

I know you’re just trying to take this seriously in your own way and I’m trying to do the same to you, but it’s really clear that we’re not going to budge on this topic and it’s better to just end it. It should’ve ended back there, not over here, but that’s on me for not realizing I resurrected a week-old topic without checking the dates.

You have your way to criticize the comic, I have mine. That’s pretty much where I’m going to leave it.

Insulting you directly? Dude, put your tampon in already, nobody is calling you names nor talking smack about your mother nor anything, geez, do yourself a favor and never play CoD online because you’re gonna get torn to pieces with that level of sensitivity to internet talk.

I can’t help but feel that the whole wine and cheese tasting might be some type of innuendo…and the title of the comic kind of further stipulates that.

And now that the comic brought it up, I am kind of curious as to how her mother managed the farm financially. Was there some type of welfare or secret payments as a result of her father being a Nark?

Alej gets to spend money because she has her own saved up, Mora. That comes with a decade of owning her own company. In all seriousness, I think Alej deserves to be a little more herself, but I’m also glad she’s the voice of reason.

Yeah, now if only she could be more ..HERSELF instead of “Moe moe moomoo sidekick” and actually of been able to interrupt mora and cut her off from spending MORE money than she already was.

I think personally she’s still working on her inter-personal relationships. She used to always push those aside, that and with Mora being so quick to react, it’s like trying to stop a moving train. I’m personally just waiting to see what happens next. I do hope Alej acts as the advisor again like she did when Mora went off about Geeku.

Mora should of given Geeku a could several dozen broken bones as well. That’s another inconsistency that pisses me off.

In all honesty, I doubt she could. Minos, Geeku, and Ambar aren’t as old as they are just because they’ve been keeping their identities secret.
I also think Geeku just doesn’t care, she lives by how she lives. No it’s no excuse, but she also hates modern civilization because she’s the nature crest. Raw nature.

Still would of been satisfying to see either Mora get her ass handed to her or the dumb lizard whore.

Not like its to unfair a fight, one survived having a fucking shotgun snapped in two over her head, and the other is an ‘unkillable’ fuck puppet.

But in both characters’ cases, it’s entirely literal. Geecku has fucked thousands and feels no attachment to any of them, and Mora spent a decade or so as a prostitute. So yes, they are, in every sense of the word, whores.

No, the word fits. This is not someone who is forced into sex trafficing, this is not someone who strips or actas as a lap treat to pay for college, This is a hundreds year old creature that has “The mentality of a child” wolverine style healing powers, and will according to the guy who made the damn character, has a massive sex drive that leads them to even capturing random guys and screwing them for days. She’s exactly what I called her. You’re not suppose to like the word, It’s an insult, and I wont do the character the service of being nice to it when they have literally shown themselves to be nothing but some twisted sex fantasy, a destroyer of property and the “mother” of evil imps, that tried to trick a dumbass runaway cat into killing digit “because she could see them”

After seeing what she did to the house and what little good she’s actually done overall since being introduced into the main comic, I can totally believe she’s the one who raised Din and Jin, considering how much they seem to thrive on chaos, disorder and strife.

Also worth noting, come to think of it, is that Chalo once stated that, in a tremendously ironic twist, Geecku is infertile, and that’s why none of her 4k+ flings ever got her pregnant. But then we end up being told that she somehow birthed Din and Jin, and it’s implied that she can simply choose when she is or isn’t able to get pregnant.

I think he just wants his precious little sex sock to not ever have to go through the horror of having a child, after all, he was kind of forced to with Ambar and look how much he tried to minimize that.

Then again Din and Jin (God I hate that one of those characters shares the name I gave one of mine) might just be super advanced life crest STDs that sprung to life and a will of their own, ….they pretty much just act like flying herpes as it is.

Honestly, the whole pregnant Ambar thing and its abrupt end reeks of Chalo trying out a new kink, growing tired of it and not having the guts to admit that’s what was going on. Cause no, he wasn’t forced to do that, he chose to.

Also, this brings to mind the sad realization that Geecku used to be tolerable too. So even she isn’t immune to the “Everyone Ends Up Terrible” curse that seems to have befallen 98% of the characters.

Oh hey, look, someone who has asked the ‘Ground breaking” and “Shattering” question that will “Shut down” the person who points out the obvious flaws that any moron with a high-school writing class under their belt could find out.

Let me give you the “world shaping” response I’ve given every other fanboy who tries to cheese dick their way into getting me to shut up with that stupid question.

1 part habit.
1 part morbid interest (I compared it to watching a train wreck, a dumpster fire, and terrorists being smoked by gunships on camera in that respect)
1 part people actually have started to see the flaws and have started to also point them out and chalodildo and crew need to know their shit ain’t flying any more.
1 part I love watching people come up with ass pull, idiotic, retarded defenses of their beloved comic, but never have any ACTUAL means of defending this turd shoot that is this comic
1 part if I ever do my youtube show I’ve had plans for and getting things set for, one of the segments will be basically “here are good and bad webcomics” and let me tell you. Las Puntas is one hell of a shit stain on the toilet that is bad furry web comics.

Also, sorry, but there’s no “psycho analyzing”. Its called having even so much as a slightly better writing and story telling education than the preteens who liked twilight.

But they also claimed she loves peaceful, happy environments. If that’s the case, then A. why did she instinctively trash the house in mere seconds and make things even worse than they already were, and B. why did she not get repelled by the farm’s bad vibes right away?

I mention bad vibes because the workplace environment and the way these characters interact wasn’t all that great to begin with.

And really, I doubt the smell comment she gave characters is about whether they’re a demon or not.

“hates modern civilization” yet the only thing she faced while traveling in A FUCKING SPACESHIP was mere boredom, it’s a huge wonder she didn’t slit her wrists, but who am I kidding? We’re talking about a universe where sex is the problem AND solution to ALL life’s problems, amirite? It’s also baffling how Geecku couldn’t even learn to speak properly all this time nor how to behave indoors, I mean, you can even teach dogs where to pee in less than a month, yet Geecku learned nothing living who knows how long inside a FUCKING SPACESHIP.

That’s really no excuse for how she’s been portrayed lately though. 95% of the time now, she acts like an entirely different character, and every scene of her and Tootsie seems to need her to eventually start metaphorically beating on herself, saying how horrible and crazy she was for opposing Mora, how she deserves to have lost her company, how being a corporate CEO made her a cold, evil bitch, etc.

That I can fairly agree on. She was acting cold and horrible out of the anger she felt towards Mora abandoning the loving home she had over a selfish decision (which was justifiable, to a point). The fact she let it manifest as a near-downspiral wasn’t great either- for now she has a lot of her own life to catch up on. Though I can see she regrets what she was doing, I do say she should have been smarter with it. Otherwise, I want to see how this plays out.

But her downward spiral wasn’t even her fault..She did literally nothing wrong, nothing to justify being painted as the villain, until they laughably forced her into the villain role and had her go crazy.

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