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Okay Mora, now that everything has been laid out, let’s see if you can get those gears moving, so you can save it all. This is a very serious situation, and this is one that she will have to learn from. Better now, than when it’s too late to do anything else.

Then how in the nine hells was Mora able to keep her farm from bankruptcy BEFORE they won the harvest festival?

Also, looks like someone hit Alej in the face or something.

I just love how he keeps switching between the stupid ‘human nose’ ‘bean nose’ and that dumb ass ‘up curve nose’ for every character in various panels, The characters faces are just floppy goo apparently.

They were selling to a niche market, and it was summer, when healthy food is apparently popular enough that decent amounts of money can be made from it.

That doesn’t seem to have ever been a problem for Mora, even when she worked by herself, she never struggled on having to “come up with a stupid new product” before, heck, as other readers have pointed out here, we don’t even know wtf she’s selling nor to whom, it would be nice to know, I mean, I know the obvious answer is “crops” but what kinda crops? Which are the hot sellers? Also, she should be very well aware by now which crops to sell by season, this can’t be her first winter working on HER OWN FUCKING FARM.

Like, Jesus Christ, I hate complaining into every page these guys can come up with, but each time they pull something new out of their asses it just raises more and more questions like how is it possible that they’ve been able to last this long with this comic with only tits and ass to show for it?

For once we agree on something. if you mean “Simpler” as in “dumb as Hell”

What does the Farm even sell? What does it even have contracts with? For a “Slice of Life” comic, there’s very little about the actual LIFE of someone living on and RUNNING a Farm. Seriously.. how are we expected to care about anything if we don’t even know what their livelihood comes from? Are they anything more than Local? Are they working with a Chain? Do you even know? Do you even care?

At least Chalo did a good job restraining himself and the boobs where not the target of the page.

Also, still calling the big dumb Tree Geeku shat out to be their ‘easy out’ .. you know.. cause planting more diverse product and taking a risk to see if it will happen in time would be TO dramatic for this comic.

No, dude, they’re gonna start a brothel.

In all seriousness, the easiest thing is to just fire Alej, Mora never had these kinda problems before Alej joined, hell, she could have slaves do all her work with no legal prosecution, and pretty sure she doesn’t even know how to file any taxes since she doesn’t even know WTF Alej is talking with her legal babble, but I guess Ambar told the Furry IRS to leave her alone? My God, NOTHING makes sense anymore.

One word: “Advertise”

To be moderately fair, did Alej really expect Mora to grasp all that business talk? I mean, I’m not calling Mora stupid or anything, but she doesn’t appear to be the most business savvy woman in the world compared to Alej.

Also, and I hate to be that guy, the overly simple explanation that Alej provided is really making my teeth grind as that’s way too much of an over simplification of the matter. I mean, coming up with more products to sell doesn’t actually entail a cure or measure for bankruptcy. Perhaps advertising might be better to get the name out there.

Well, we have people writing the story who know as much about character development, Consistency, Farming, Knights and Martial Arts, Tech and Business as much as Mora knows …about business. So it’s really easy to see when they put something on a page that they have NO idea they are talking about.

Oh for f… Plant some damn pumpkins, and an apple orchard! Or greens, everyone loves ‘kale’ right? Winter crops you fool!

Ummmm…ok. Serious question, just who are Las Lindas niche exactly? Do you mean only certain people buy their produce? If that’s true than what kind of people are they? I can’t imagine people being so picky they only buy from one farm.

You know even at this point it’s still iffy what each farm worker does. We don’t even know how big this farm is. Some clear to the point explanation of how the farm is run and who does what will be nice. It doesn’t even have to be boring, you can have Mora and Sunny doing inspections and that will show us each person’s job rather easily. Won’t break story flow at all if done right.

Yep, but instead of the writers showing us how the farm works after these, what? 15 years? How do you like ’em forced relationships and sex jokes we’ve been getting instead? Huh? Huh?

Sarah and… rhain (yeah that wrong) look after the apple orchard
Minos grows something that looks like wheat
Miles and Rachael run farm maintenance
Digit is digit so magic nanobots
Taffy (bunny cause i think that the wrong name) is basically a maid/cook
Sunny is the manager
Mora is… what does she do anymore? She used to help miles and minos when they were the only ones on the farm, but what does she do now?

Mora basically just drinks, fucks Minos, does everything she can to avoid actual work and pitches a fit when things don’t go her way.

It baffles me that it seems that despite a great majority of readers, even those who defend this comic, hate Mora, just after Ambar, and maaaybe tied with Miles, just maybe, but I can bet you anything that Chalo still believes that Mora is the most perfect character ever.

Judging by the fact that apparently they’re marketing produce as specifically a health food, they must only be selling to health nuts, and I can’t imagine health nuts would just up and stop buying just because the season changes.

They live in a temperate climate, produce isn’t strictly a “health product”, and health and fitness nuts don’t just stop caring because the season changes–I know Rachael apparently just up and quit her usual routines, but hey, not everyone’s as careless and stupid as Rachael’s become since being dropped into Miles’ lap. And even if they did live in a place where it gets significantly colder, here’s what you do: PLANT WINTER CROPS! A child playing their first Harvest Moon game can figure this out! Or is that too simple and realistic a solution to milk cheap drama out of until the inevitable “Oh, whaddya know, everything’s turned out perfect for Mora again” moment?!

I believe when Alej speaks of their “health products”, she’s referring to the vitamin drinks they were hyping up a while back. Which there’d be less demand for in a season where people are naturally less outdoorsy. But yes, it really does seem like a simple enough problem to resolve. Unless they’ve been dumping ALL of their crops into those drinks and don’t sell anything but, which…just sounds nonsensical.

We get it people, what could be said has already been said (Several times now) The dead horse is so beaten I can see the Nike logo embedded in the ground under the horse’s body

You seem really active. What happened to the bonus comics? I can only find “Knighthood.” The others don’t seem to be there, or their links have changed.

There was a post some weeks ago that said the authors couldn’t maintain four bonus comics and the main one, so they held a poll to see which they would keep working with and which they would drop. Knighthood got more votes than the others, so that’s the one they kept around. I believe they said they would make one-page conclusions for the other stories, but I don’t know if that happened or not.

Just because one person says something does not mean that the others can not also voice their opinion on the issue. I’m sorry, but Mora does appear to be an out and out dumb fuck in this.

I do wish they would put more effort into expanding the universe, having compelling plots with real stakes, etc. I understand that the artist probably just prefers to draw sexy ladies (as plotting and drawing a real story, epic or not, is a LOT of work), but it’s pretty unsatisfying.

My vote: softcore porn! “Hot girls on a farm!” Damn shame to let all those various assets go to waste like that

I present the base line intelegance of the fans of this community Ladies and Gents

I believe you mean “intelligence,” Einstein. 😉

Thank you for the compliment. Einstine himself was far to off in his own world and higher thinking to even think to dress himself, learn how to drive or give a shit about spelling.

The difference being that he was motherfucking Einstein, while you are not. If a man of his intellect disliked a particular webcomic, he probably would have simply found another that he *did* like, as opposed to wasting his limited time on Earth passive-aggresively sniping at its readers.

For the record, Einstein was a prolific writer, and could dress himself perfectly well; he just didn’t care about current fashion trends.

For the record, his wife often had to remind him to get dressed out of his PJs and writers often have editors. Also I was bouncing around in the back of a troop carrier bored while we waited for training to kick off while on an unfamiliar phone. So fuck you and your high expectations for a comment on a comic that can’t even plot it’s way out of a wet paper bag of an idea.

Never said he was, Just making a point that such low effort and such high reliance on sex appeal has just made his ‘fans’ dwindle down to nothing more than people who care not for story or characters, but would be fine with nothing but pinups.

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