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It was only a box that was throw back. Overreacting big baby.

containing a “toaster fridge”

what ever that is I doubt it is light

They’re not escaping, they’re leaving. It’s only escaping if you don’t want them to leave, say, if you abducted them, took them to your secret base where you forced them to work for you, experimented on them, and tried to kill them while trying to take over their world…. Oh, wait. Either way, you’re in the wrong, have no right to stop them, and deserve everything that’s coming to you.

Hiram Rooseboom should change his act or I’m going to call him “Harem Nosebroom” from now on.

I feel he lacks the facial hair to really pull that off

Let me get this straight, and please correct me if I’m wrong, Jill and Trilby make a plan for Jill to go into records while Trilby takes a toaster fridge to the hanger to scope it out. They both run into Alex and Pete, Alex dropped something, it cracked and exploded. Now they’re running for the hanger. Did I miss any details? Also, Jill and her kind are hybrids? Part human? Interesting….l figured out mostly the mystery of what Jills kind is and what happen to humanity. Mostly.

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