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Nothing is as easy as it seems, for example getting in the first comment is easy if your get in the opportune moment. Now as far as the treasure it will prolly be booby trapped as you know most of the ancients did with their treasures.

And having me beat the shit out of you for making a big deal out of “FIRST HULUHULH”, Well that’s real easy, Just hold still ^_^

can I help??? ill hold him down.

Nope 😛

Only time i hold still is when im tied down and i like tigress and fox females.. now and then a bunny with a cute little wiggly puff tail. 😛 I dont even hold still while eating i walk and eat, keeps me in good shape and keeps everyone off me when im eating good food cause my sisters are freaking vultures when i have good food.

GET HIM! *Starts chasing*


hold your horses dont you think that it was too easy and the trap there a classic indiana jones movie temple style defence which theres a 50% chance of someone double cross’s

this ruin seems a little fishy to me. I mean, since when are there clearly detailed diagrams revealing a booby trap in an Indiana Jones-style temple?

probably a lucky observation on Aria’s part, at least it saved Diego’s head from being skewered

Well, Ruby knew about the ruins clearly so people had to have been there before. ‘OMG, that arrow skewered kenny!’ ‘Ok, lets see. *draws little runes on wall depicting traps* next people should be safe.’

you almost killed Gravedigger with laughter

well when the “Queen” sent them on this treasure hunt she told them to only grab the stone and that’s all. So this is a test of their integrity and skills of being able to perseive the traps and answers that are litterally written on the walls.

You forgot blowguns and a guy that laughs really weird.

you called?? bwahahahah nihahahah

I’m talking about the guy who was collaborating with Nazis. Why, are you with them, Huh? 0_o Also, the laugh has to be maniacal.

oh sorry, I thought you were talking about me.

they blackmailed me into doing it, I swear

the laugh is more maniacal in person

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