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I suspect she’ll warn the others to hide from the dragons and then surrender herself to them while they watch.

either she decided to stop the dragons from killing her friends before she does herself in, or she’s going to sacrifice herself to let her friends get away. Too many feels here, this story better not cut itself off like Anthronauts did or I will be cross.

I assure you that, as long as I can put pen to paper (or stylus to screen, to be more accurate), this story’s continuing. I wanna tell it just as bad as you wanna hear it. ^__^

Oh man…so many options and scenarios of how this can now turn out.
On another note, I’m not entirely surprised that Kilani can understand the dragons. If memory serves correctly, I know most tigers can barely understand dragons, but the dragons can understand the tigers.

Well, not quite. With the exception of a select few on each side who may have studied the language, neither side can understand the other side’s lingua franca. You might remember Briella’s inability to understand the Tigers in the Calera. On this page, I wanted to show that Kilani hears the Dragon language and the word “Kess.” By hearing which way they’re going, she knows that Dragons are heading toward Kess. If you look closely, you’ll see brackets and a difference in text colors. ^__^

…Huh. Didn’t spot the text point at first. Just thought it was Kilani grasping some random words from some long explanation (if you are fighting dragons all life, you’re bound to learn to understand some of the words they sputter out next to you)
On other note, thank you for showing a deep building character. Kilani STILL wants best for others, like she always did, right now she’s just on a very very VERY deep quilt trip for causing all the bad things in her life.
Hopefully she understands at some point what kind of good things she’s done. It’s not all dark and death out there. Just roses with some thorns that you cut yourself on now and then, but can still enjoy the fragrance.

Oh no, I actually saw the text brackets and everything. I for some reason thought that the dragons had the upper hand in the Tiger language. I completely forgot about Briella’s inability though. So i can therefore speculate that the higher ups have a better understanding of the tiger language. *EPIC FAIL for me yet again XD*

I know this is none of my business, but.
For you, as it would be a hybrid of dragon with tiger?

Many people ask about Dragon/Tiger hybrids, but I’m sorry to report that it’s not possible, as the two species are genetically incompatible, especially since we’re dealing with reptilian creatures and mammals. Sorry. ^__^;

MAGIC and SCIENCE! Never say “never”! True love can break bonds of eternity! Friendship is magic! Believe in me who believes in you!
…Nah, I don’t think it’ll happen. I mean, they’d need to get a dragon male to mate with tigers, and truth to be told I don’t think many of them would… Survive that.

Like I said, upcoming plot event in the form of the dragon search party. Glad I got it right 😀

wait so kilani can understand dragon tough? now only if she could speak dragon…. I wonder what she would be able to accomplish with this search party? If anything shes probably gona stand in their way but will she fight? or attempt communication?

Whatever it is, she’s gonna do it in front of Kess and others.
You know, both to make sure they aren’t surprised and so that they can see her die.
Because at this point she’s SO DEEP into the self-hurting line that she believes her suffering is enjoyable by others.

the only hope that I see for her now are probably the earth dragons, the tiger clans way to far ahead of her to double back and defend her(and I’m not even confident the Kess would actually do it). so i’m hedging my bets on a initial confrontation between Kilani and the dragon party that will be defused by the earth dragons (because Gia and s**t).

now that I think about it the earth dragons ideology matches Kilani’s in some aspects, you know wanting to avoid war and mindless violence.

Never underestimate the power of blood. I may not like how some of my relatives live or the things they do, but you can be sure that I’d take a bullet for them. For all we know, Kess may be the same deep down. It’s one thing to disown family when you know they’ll go on living. It’s another when lives are on the line.

lets hope such modern day human sentiments hold up in this anthropomorphic kill or be killed world, after all animals are never afraid to sacrifice each other if it means absolute survivals. Which boils it down to; are they more human? or beast? a rather ambiguous question, I know, but it’s one that reveal to us what their reaction to all this will be.

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