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At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I wouldn’t bother pledging any money for this comic. I’ve been following it for a couple years and I like it (obviously I like it or I wouldn’t read it or leave a comment), but it seems the artist isn’t very dedicated to completing his work on time. Not that I think Nekonny is making false promises, but I don’t think sending him my money would be worth it. There have been a number of fillers–and sometimes no updates at all–throughout this comic (especially recently). I’ve seen the way others complain about it here. I know life can get in the way sometimes, but it kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouths of some of your fans (like me). The same thing goes for some of those KickStarter prizes from 2012, like the animated page and the hand-crafted sculpture that we haven’t seen or heard of in a while now. I don’t know, I honestly don’t feel like Nekonny has proven he can really step up to the plate when it comes to pledges. Just thought I’d share my opinion, but good luck with Patreon.

You realize one of the biggest reasons for many webcomic artists’ inconsistent update schedules is because they have to have full-time jobs to stay alive, right? Many of them don’t have a lot of free time to actually work on their comics. If people subscribe to them with services like patreon, it allows them to make some of their money off their hobby, potentially even reducing their work hours so they can devote more time to the comic.

There’s a limited number of hours in a day. They can’t work to pay for their food and bills AND spend tons of time drawing free comics on the internet. Something has to be sacrificed, and it probably isn’t going to be the thing that lets them survive.

People complain about lack of updates and such, but they fail to realize there’s a real human being on the other end that has to do things besides make the comic. Wanting to know what’s going on with things like the Kickstarter prizes from years ago is totally valid, though, I’m not disputing that. I’m just saying that if some of his income was actually coming from the comic, he could spend more time on it.

Hey there white seed! I’m glad you have enjoyed my work so far. Yes, there may be occasional delays, since I do have a full time job aside from this and I do like to lead some sort of life outside of the comic. I do apologize for not meeting your expectations.

As for the kick starter, those prizes were for the people that pledged for them. I didn’t share them with everyone (much like I didn’t share the dozens of sketches and other artwork I made) because I honestly didn’t think I was required to. I have made every effort to be on time with pledges and have recived numorous messages of praise regarding the speed of kick starter completion.

I respect your personal reasons not to want to pledge, but discouraging others to do so based on inaccurate assumptions regarding my work ethic isn’t fair.

The whole basis for this entire post was that Nekonny “seems” to not be dedicated to completing his work on time. As well as comparing the recent fillers or delays of this comic to be worse than it’s ever been throughout the lifetime of the comic… No, just no.

The number of fillers recently has largely been because of the time of year, Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, Not only do these things get their own filler sure, but you aren’t looking at the other side of the coin. The people who work on the comic also have lives and family who are effected by and partake in those holidays to spend time with friends or family, or to otherwise take off like everyone else does.

And as for these complains your talking about, about the only ones I’ve see are people saying how anti-climatic, and predictable the comic has been lately. Which while I’m not fond of those comments, they aren’t complaints really. Being anti-climatic is one things, cause well the comic hasn’t hit it’s climax yet, and as for being predictable. I figure if you’re telling a story right, the reader has a good chance of figuring out what’s going to happen or at the very least what’s going on.

But all and all, the majority of the delays to CB of late have been my fault, not Nekonny’s. My workload has quadrupled since October of last year, and hasn’t really gone down. As well as my real life obligations, it just isn’t all that easy to sit down and figure out what’s next. Other minor delays could be similarly based on that, or we simply took the time to make the comic look better or fine tune it before it goes up. We really hate cutting corners as it cheapens the comics presentation, as such it sometimes that adds delays.

As Nekonny said however, you’re not gonna hear about the pledge rewards unless the receiver cares to share it. Simple as that. I’m sorry that you feel that he has proven he can’t deliver what he promises, but all this post has really told me is how much you really follow things and how little you know your facts.

hey Nekonny after your done here, are you goin to work on something else????

I’ll probably be rebooting the old ” TinaOnLine” comic series, which was the prequel to Caribbean Blue.

Wait… the comic’s coming up on its end? Awww!!!

The endgame period of the comic does seem like an odd time to start using Patreon. However, since Patreon is tied to the artist, rather than the comic, it’s a reasonable expectation that this support structure would continue to be applied into, well, whatever’s next. That being said…

Hey, Nekonny, what’s next after Caribbean Blue?

That would be telling wouldn’t it?

Only if the content of that What’s Next is dependent on the remaining portion of Caribbean Blue. If they are unrelated, or if it’s a prequel (as Nekonny has indicated, in a reply to a different post, may be the case), then there are no real spoilers at all.

On the other hand, if he says it’ll be one thing, and then it isn’t… Let’s say I’m still waiting for some “next projects” that have been announced to materialize, and still occasionally check the status on comics where the last post was “And we’re back from our n-month-long hiatus!” (followed by over a year of silence in some cases), as long as the domain and site are intact.

So, the history is coming to his final conclusion? there will be no more Caribbean Blue?….this is…sad 🙁

you’re gonna have to wear something A LOT skimpier than that to get my attention

I am a big Twokinds fan and i found a link here. I read this whole series while sick for 4 days. I agree with “whiteseed there has been way too many fillers. The artwork has greatly improved but the overall story lacks plot and seems sort of touch and go for a while. I understand work ethic comes first but i know when a comic has been around for the time period it has work isn’t the only way this website is funded. Not to make jabs or anything but come on im no fool. I’m just a simple person passing along giving voice to people afraid to hurt feelings. Also it wouldn’t hurt to up productivity making people wait more than 3 weeks on a cliff hanger than inserting a filler just to make it look like the comic is updating frequently a way to lose fans and potential donations for your new Pateron. ~(A good piece of advice)

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