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Oh Tina…when is your mind not on food? XD
Joking aside, I’m actually surprised how easy these enemies are. I guess it is an issue of quantity vs. quality.

ah Amp Amp you should really notice that momentarily the girls have been ONLY facing 1 of those things at a time in double team motions. how much you want to bet that Kimi n Nekonny are up to their ears in enemy numbers while these 4 have been “playing pattie cake” with 1 or 2 of them, because the obvious threat are probably the “group leaders”.

Grats on page 300 and is that a reference to the Boob Coin?

Nekonny you don’t have to worry about the Page count as the story has much more to offer that we the fans would feel saddend if the story ended without proper closure.
(on another note isn’t there side story possibilities to be made of to in depth some characters like say the previous nekocats and how the “Jourmugand” (spl?) came to become the menace they are facing now).

wow, after 10 years since LasLindas and the Katbox FurryComic crew came around, y’all have made the best FurryComics I’ve read, despite the I have been reading KatBox FurryComics for two years, I clicked on the first page of LasLindas that started in 2004, and read that Caribbean Blue was made in 2005, I also know for sure that maybe its time y’all got to draw a Ten Year Anniversary Filler Comic of the KatBox characters altogether. y’know what I’m sayin’?

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