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9 out of 10 bucks I bet you she has a samurai sword hidden somewhere

her background is not that sort of asian

No, but in a future where things are like what they are in this story, who knows what asian scenery looks like? I mean the pink tree’s, aka, the ones that look like Cherry Blossoms is more then enough to make me, and I bet others, to think it’s an asian style as well

*Katana* a katana would be the name of such a sword. I think ninjas wielded them more effectively.

Few things got to say/ask
1. The backgrounds look amazing
2. I love Parvani’s new design especially her new scale pattern very unique !
3. Is the dress Parvani wearing in the last panel Chinese or Asian based ?

I like the redesign on the unicorn a lot. I wasn’t much of a fan at all of that MLP-esque one you had initially.

Well Aven you officialy made Mayte even more adorable and cuter than the last page…you sir are gifted!

It is also a curse!

How so?

Haha, i was just talking! XD

Oh were you now? What if a curse isn’t really a curse unless you’ve been cursed by a unknown curser than then it is a curse but if you use that curse as a gift than the curse isn’t really a curse but a gift but it still stays a curse.

Did I break anyones mind?

It looks like she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing.

Does she know what she is doing?

Don’t need personal space if it’s a cute girl. 😛

First off, kudos for the donation stream! You folks rock!

I’ve had that suspicion for the longest time now after that one scene in which she looked rather jealous that Ben ditched her in favor of that one penguin woman. In fact, I’m willing to go so far as to say that Mayte might have the hots for Ben. If one looks at all the panels in this page alone, Mayte is acting like the clingly girlfriend. On the bright side, Mayte seems to be implying something about a foot long.

I kinda saw that comming. She was looking upset when he was leaving to work, she looked sad when he left to that penguin girl, the way she looks at him and looks happy with him when they’re doing something together. It’s “dead give away” that she likes him lots! :p

Great to hear the funding has been going so well! And WOW, Mayte is being quite transparent here! XD How long will it take Ben to figure it out? Time (and mostly Avencri) will tell!

This is most interesting! Ben is actually showing a true “softer” side of himself. He’s really worried about what would happen to Mayte if she ran into some one with no personal ethics. (or, on the flip side, what would happen to that person if they really upset Mayte.)

I think shouldn’t worry. At least not some creep to hit on her. She likes Ben a whole lot am feels comfortable being with him. This must be a first for Ben to feel awkward cause a girl is hitting on him cause she’s head over heels for him.

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