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For some reason I keep thinking Orlando Bloom with this new guy.

I was thinking Antonio Banderas myself.

HE is creeepyer then anyone else so far. plus as a red shirt if he doesnt get killed id say loss of a limb to feed her dad is ok.

Aye, he is creepy. Probably the creepiest guy on the ship. His intentions are pure, but he comes off like a serious creep!

i have to ask whats with the rose petals and sparkles, is that the new drawing presence of virgin alarm attraction?

I’m still waking up, so it took me a moment to connect the unicorn/virgin connection thingy. good show though!

Yeah, for some reason a lot of people seem to have forgotten the unicorn/virgin connection. Well, only virgins can tame him! XP

i didn’t forget!, its just that aura threw me out the boobie hatch took me awhile to remember that he can sense a virgin,but as he said all the crew members are not virgins, then comes miss slash and dissection, which we know that she is the clone of the original Caroline since she calls Boris her father.. but i shouldn’t really be surprised that she is, since she hates to be around other people


Best line Ever! I think I’m in love (Platonically)

PS: After reading this again I just realized that with the flowers floating around him he’s a lot like Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist.

This guy…. needs an MLP version of himself, STAT!

Egads, you’re right!

his virgin-sense comes with flowing flower petals flowing in midair? nice! also nice to see he can go from ready-to-kill to ready-to-woo in under five seconds. the only question that remains is, what kind of petals are they, rose or sakura?

Yes, it is now canon. Caroline IS the only virgin female on board. An unicorn’s horn is never wrong.

Is it bad that I actually read the first frame backwards so he is eating in a level 5 kitchen? Wonder what a kitchen has to do to be considered lvl 5.

The kitchen gains experience points by having its equipment used to slay monsters. XD

Her tail is cut off 😀

Also have you tried sleeping pills?

I have tried herbal pills, i honestly don’t like the idea of sleeping pills.

And how are the verbs and why dont you like sleeping pills?

The verbs seems grammatically conjugated as usual.

Based on the previous page and this page, it is now confirmed that Ben suffers from two-headed speed merge. Side effects include but are not limited to distractions involving women and various moods changes. Consult your doctor for more information.

But in all due seriousness, is it me or does Mayte look rather ticked that Ben just ditched her like that? My gut is telling me that there is more to Mayte than meets the eyes. But I do suspect that Ben is probably on her good side after sticking up to this creep though. Also, out of curiosity, did Sasha put on some kind of bracelet on her right arm in the last panel there?

Awww, now don’t get hurt while sleeping in the middle of something! o:
It happened to me a few times and once I’ve even fell asleep in the middle of my way to work and walked in opposite direction for a good half-an-hour before I woke up in the middle of “where-the-heck-I-am?!”
Be safe and wish your sis to get better! *hugs*

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