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So many damn fillers…

IMO if you’re going to do a filler make it slightly humorous that involves something outside of the story line, like Gunnerkrigg Court’s bonus pages. just a quick sketch like the ‘coin’.

Maybe then fillers won’t be that bad.

Okay I’m only going to say this once…

From here on out if we get any more comments about fillers or what not, I’m just gonna outright delete and possibly ban the commenter. Seriously people, I know no one likes to wait or have interruptions in things, but that’s not a reason to bash us for it.

I was not saying your fillers were just abject laziness nor saying they were bad… But rather offering my opinion.

The first sentence is seperate and is supposed to be exasperated, like the child in Up who moans “Are we there yet?”, in other words sarcastic.
The last sentance is indicating about how the author says sorry a lot when making fillers. I assume this is because they think the reader will dislike it/be disgusted with it. My use of the sentance again is saying that you shouldn’t have to worry about it because most people will understand why there is a filler (perhaps I should have added ‘for you’ at the end of the sentance). In the case of Gunnerkrigg Court, as I mentioned, people always look forward to the fillers/bonus pages even if they aren’t ‘according to schedule’ because they’re always funny and pokes at jokes that can be made about different situation/plot holes, if you read through the comments on that and the title page nobody will moan and whine about why there is a break because everybody knows how much effort it takes to make a comment unless they’re 5. People aren’t idiots who can’t understand anything.

I know comics cannot be done when busy, taking days to complete, but a sketch(which I’m sure most will be fine with) will take an hour or two, and maybe 30-45 minutes to come up with an idea, scan it in, and publish it.

Perhaps this explanation clears up my comment’s highly unclear purpose.

Again, not bashing.

For starters, not only is flying abroad a long and VERY arduous process (you have to get all your paperwork sorted out in advance such as passport, visas, medical records, vaccine shots, and travel arrangements), but the flight to Japan is about 14-16 hours long, sometimes longer depending on the flight and where you’re starting from! Jet lag is a major issue, as is cabin fever (some people don’t like being crammed into a flying aluminum tube for hours on end), and culture shock (if it’s your first time visiting a country). At least Nek and Mihari took the time to post something and let us know what’s going on rather than leaving us in the dark like I’ve seen other webcomics do.

Why is that everyone going to Japan lot lately?

simple it is the country that you can be at peace and marvel at all the historical monuments and heritage of the great islands,
also it’s a great place to get inspired upon for stories fashions legends etc,
plus it is epic to go see the 1/1 scale Gundam statue in it’s glory, the land of the rising sun is truly a memorable experience (if you have the funds for it)

Having grown up watching anime for nearly 20 years, I can live with fillers.
On that note, I for one can not wait until “Ask the Nekos” comes around. It’ll definitely be something the CB fans will fully support and there will be appropriate and inappropriate questions asked, that I am for certain.

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