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So, she went Super Bunny? (SSJ for your Dragon Ball Z fans)

I’ve always wondered what the “J” stands for, would like to get an answer for this please.

The J, stands for “Jin” it’s been a pet peeve and a translation error on Funimation’s part for a long time. the suffix is used to denote an individual’s nationality, or planet of origin.

I’m still not 100% clear why they are called Saiya Jin, because the planet they hail from is not called Saiya, nor is any region on said planet named for this, however, it is what it is. SSJ does indeed stand for “Supaa Saiya-Jin” (Super Saiyan).

Much the same as in some anime you might hear an alien refer to humans as Chikyu-Jin(roughly: Earthling), rather than how we refer to ourselves being Ningen(Human).

P.S. Yes I know, this was long winded, but I figure an in depth explanation is reasonable here.

worse from the looks of it she went super dark bunny{since she gave into her rage, would explain why it was killing her also} funny thing is i was reading on PS and i had to back track to remember Rascals Goyoku ps{fyi she recounting things that hasn’t happened as of yet in Rascals: Goyoku} since this future sense in the story as to when they all came here}

Holy crap!! Reiko went full of berserker mod!! and she snapped Nick’s arms like they were nothing! THat was majorly scarey!

On a less serious note, who’s agrees with me that Kyoko has the biggest sweater kittens ever!?

so in a moment of berzerker rage and without hessitation she snapped Nick’s forearms like a pair of twigs due to someone’s pushing her buttons eh? also this is the 1st time we ever get to. see Reiko’s ears standing up so sharp too in a focused way, love that outfit she’s wearing btw.

about time some thing happens with knuckle up
I was starting to think you didn’t care about us anymore!!!

you do understand the man has other things going on to just drop things to update a comic page. so Pipe down and wait like the rest of us.

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