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Carrol of doom 5

Carrol of doom 5 published on 24 Comments on Carrol of doom 5

This is pretty useful actually. Imagine you need to drive somewhere with your car and just have been turned into an adorable moosetaur… No wait. Just run where you’re supposed to go to. Screw cars. Especially mine. I prefer using my bike. My car is an utter bore.


One attempt? I don’t like the sound of that. The girls better choice wisely, because one errant mistake and it’s curtains.

On a lighter note, I’m sure Nekonny’s safe. Talking about their opponent’s lover dying by their hand is something villains do all the time, it’s meant to entice a foolhardy reaction.

Why do other villans always make the mistake of allowing the heroes to comeback.
I always go for flawless victory.

Did any of you guys/girls notice the teardrops on Kimi’s hands?


I mean, she really, really shouldn’t take it. Use the opportunity and get out of there. It’s trying to provoke her into attacking it, which is a /really/ bad sign. As important as revenge is, this monster just proved that she has absolutely no chance of defeating it right now. They need to fall back and regroup.

A further note: this isn’t just some mook who rose up to stardom recently; this is an ancient, eldritch abomination which has been stalking the seas for centuries. It’s been in this position before; it wouldn’t be offering this chance if it didn’t know she was in a position where attacking it would result in failure, no matter what Kimi tries.

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