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okay, that panel with diego and aria cuddling together was adorable, up until the point where aria had an outburst. how did he get up there anyway?

Aria moved him up on the bed obviously, she probably thinks he’s very warm and cuddly, and she doesn’t want to show it. also I think it’s cute that Diego is smelling Aria’s hair.

Perhaps they’re not in her bed, but rather she crawled up next to him on the floor. Which she will somehow try to blame him for.

a little late to the discussion, aren’t we? I already made an inference to that in my reply to Gravedigger. But, unless there was some kind of mattress or something laid out for him on the floor, they can’t be on the floor due to where they’re snuggling.

aw, how cute their sharing a bed, wait what? miles is a traitor, that is an unexpected twist.

he’s not a traitor yet, he’s just keeping tabs on them. no harm done.

the fact that he’s working against them makes him a traitor, also does anyone else think its strange that they sailed a ship with just three people and miles was sleeping?????

Miles was only asleep when they got caught, I’m sure he was helping sail when awake. Plus, I don’t think they went very far.

how the hell…?

Magical portals, that’s how.

no, it’s just destiny!!!!!

nope. Cave Johnson.

Would have been funnier if she had ended up on top of him with her arms and legs wrapped around him like a furry body pillow.

why didn’t anyone else think of that??????

I think he would have enjoyed it more and she would have been more of a blush than a yell. Now i do thing Harold Feit has an idea there, yet it would have been better had they both been stripped naked and wrapped up in some sheets and entangled within each others arms.

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