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Ah, automated processing. I was wondering how people avoided picking that up until now. Though one would think that the computers would still have picked up that tattoo and flagged it for someone… Unless this has never happened before, in which case, major stuff up on someone’s behalf. Does this mean that no one else knows that Jill was here before? Tune in next time.

Automated systems can only do what they’re programmed for. Intake machines likely weren’t designed to check for returning abductees, since returning abductees likely aren’t ever a thing (one way or another). At best someone programmed them to check for an existing tattoo so they wouldn’t redundantly try to tattoo people. IF tattoo present THEN do not run tattooing process. It’s the kind of ID10T thing that would get added after the first few times an abductee was tattooed multiple times during intake and made the tattoo unreadable.

De plot, Boss, de plot! (yes, this reference is older than I am! XD)

Well this one flew right over my head. What’s this supposed to be? 😀

I’d like to think that Ol’ Ivo would actually make a decent grandparent if he could just hang up the whole “World Domination” thing and find a nice girl to settle down with. I mean, imagine the kind of birthday presents he could build!

As long as he doesn’t take after his,own grandfather.
Sell out earth to aliens to further research.
Builds device to destroy aliens.
Goes mad after granddaughter is killed, and decides to use same weapon to destroy earth.
Leaves confusing and conflicting messages to mentally unstable experiment to carry out both missions.

Ummm… Ivo what? You two are talkin about someone I missed out on in the comic or what? O_o”

I think they’re following off the Robotnik comment I made in the text.

Dr. Eggman’s actual name is Ivo Robotnik, who was originally Dr. Ovi Kintobor until he was exposed to negative Chaos energy, warping his mind and turning him evil.

Well, that’s one origin.
In the game canon, he was always Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that this origin was comic canon, not game canon. Of course, going by comic canon, Eggman is no longer capable of having children as he is not the original Eggman, but a robotic copy of himself with all his experience and memories programmed in.

Welp every single page in the past few weeks was already just another pile of dirt thrown onto the grave of my “they’re connected” theory. Why stop now? 😛

So yeah I SERIOUSLY can’t understand how no one noticed that she already had a tattoo. Even if it was done by a machine they HAD to have a method of detecting if they had tattoos already or not, hence that Jill’s didn’t get “overwritten” by another one.
So seriously no one thought such an event would be useful to report? 😀

You know; I was originally going to criticize the humans for their lack of security measures for their machines to determine whether a test subject already had a tattoo; however, I’m kind of under the impression that people tend not to leave here alive when they’re captured. Case in point…Milo.

But on a more serious note, I don’t know it’s intentional or not, but I swear Trilby is radiating the whole Dr. Eggman vibe on me, especially in Panel 4 with that background complimenting those glasses and stance.

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