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I bet they are going to run into “him” at the hot springs…and he will be red, with crab claws, and in drag.


Great we get to visit Swoops home world. Him huh? Ex-boyfriend, old friend or acquaintance whom she owes favors, former partner, he could be anything and it is not good. I say burn this planet and everyone on it.

Could be overprotective big brother she’s never been able to stand up to. Totally well meaning, but still convinced she’s just a hatchling, still calling her by her baby name and going after any males who catch her eye with a vorpal spear.
You know, the kind of “him” you HAVE to handle with diplomacy, but it’s nearly impossible?

I wonder who “he” is.

i smell a backstory

Of course there is a back story. Otherwise, the “him” wouldn’t even be mentioned

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