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Now is about the time to step back about to the other side of the island.

/yells thru megaphone done think that far enough is on another island and i still see her from here!!

*calls from the other side of the world* You’re still not far enough away. I’ll be watching for a nuclear mushroom cloud to tell me it’s over.

*watches from a moon base and calls in* “You guys are screwed!”

looks around i have idea!! /begins begins to dig a bunker fortified with adamantium walls with lead lined and poured cement to protect from anything with triple redundancy circuits generators in case Ragnarokimi goes off before she hits the bunny…
~all safe here 10.000 miles below the island

nope think of it the bell protects the island it wont blow up the island that it protects other wise all the in habitats will die and that goes against it si if i am under the island… it wont harm anything on and under the island unless the bunny some how made it into my bunker

The bunny guy is gonna feel that.

This is turning into pretty much a Marvel crossover very quickly.
But I still love it! Can’t wait for the next few pages!

Uh oh. She done found the turbo activation button, the NOs activation button, and several other power up activation buttons. And pressed them. ALL OF THEM. Yeah, I’m watching this on a screen on the far end of an interstellar hyperspace transmission and I’m not sure I’m far enough away.

Uhhhhh is it my imagination or does it say at the VEEEEERY top that…Carribean Blue is ENDING!? why????? this is so good

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