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Uh oh… That is something I don’t want to mess with Kimi. You don’t want to make Kimi super mad. I’d better take cover….

I did say a few strips ago that I think it would be best for Tina, Yuki, Mika and Muna should duck and cover. Hmmm, better yet Tina and Yuki could go over and dig Nekonny out, or remove enough that a passage can be made for Mika and Muna to crawl in and carefully drag Nekonny out.

I can almost see how this will end. Kimi will defeat the monster, but at the cost of her own life, but when she wakes up, from her point of view, Nekonny is there, in his neko form, waiting for her, so they can be together forever in the after life.

On another note: Aw! We lose a lovely nekogirl!

It looks like Kimi is done playing around. She’s taking the power back, concentrating it in herself because it is the final battle and she is concerned for her friends’ safety and doesn’t want any of them to get hurt like Nekonny.

/female voice from the mechwarriorgame–powering up detected…. hold on to your boobs girls, this cat going to show its claws and how angry it is to have lost her mate to be!{ just so everyone is aware kimi is using the power of the hammer remember what the spirit said the power allows the user, but the power comes at cost for using it.. they become part of the energy forever now that kenny is what we think is dead kimi doesn’t care anymore due she given one shot to kill the evil rabbit so she needs all the power she given to the others…}
sorry for being a narrator

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