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It’s really funny and cute how appropriate most of these are to their characters, and future shipping foreshadowing? I won’t say too much for those that have not played Undertale yet.

Oh my i just realized this is the crew as kids, love the fact Proto is Bill Cypher.

Never heard of Undertale, but this comic is cute. Sesame and Kibs win the Ubercute award. Well at least in my opion they do.

I have never heard of Undertale, either.
I’m seriously thinking of looking into it.
Judging from the responses, Undertale is a game

I really want to play Undertale, since everyone seems to love it. But should I just watch Jack or Mark play it?

Question: who’s the bat? I don’t think we’ve seen her yet.

Appeared in the last Halloween comic I think, also I think it’s a he, not a she.

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