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If Chrissy ends up with Josh then Quick ends up with Jazmin and my plot twist Bingo card gets filled in.

Honestly this is what I’m hoping for. I don’t like Chrissy.

*does a spit-take* wait, say WHAT?!?

Chrissy does seem to be a bit of a control freak, Quick has really not done anything to hurt her, other than barging in on her with a camera when she was taking a shower. But think about what she’s done to him: Multiple untrue accusations that he was cheating on her, an unwarranted background check on him, always wanting him for herself going so far as to take him back when Jazmin was showing interest in going out with him. Honestly I think Quick would be better off with someone other than her.

Well, to be fair, the background check thing was because she didn’t want to go through what she went through with her ex-boyfriend Cody, and the whole untrue accusations thing was probably because of that experience too. As for taking Quick back when Jazmin was showing interest, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure some girls are like that (maybe not ALL girls, but some). And at any rate, it’s clear he loves her back, and that they’re meant to be the central couple of the story!

“And at any rate, it’s clear he loves her back, and that they’re meant to be the central couple of the story!”
This has not been confirmed by the story yet. Quick has shown he likes Chrissy a lot, but he has shown he likes Jaz quite a bit, too. But to say that Quick and Chrissy are meant to be the central couple of the story is rather silly.

Ohh no! This is bad! VERY bad!!

Why? Do you honestly think that just because Josh is unintentionally displaying his 4 pack abs that Chrissy is gonna just drop Quick for that???
Give the girl some credit dude I don’t think she’s that shallow

Really? She’s been nothing but that shallow at every opportunity.

I’m more worried about josh! When he finds out who quick is he might go into a jealous rage.

No, but it IS probably going to add tension to her relationship with him and to her relationship with Quick, as well as put her in a rather unenviable position. Not to mention the potential to cause some stress on her part (and possibly Quick’s, if he finds out about this).

Okay, I have been following this comic since the beginning, but never comment on anything. Seriously, after all the build-up and hurdles of their relationship I would be super mad if it ended just because both of them had some hot pieces of meat waved in front of them. I really hope this isn’t a big forced twist where they break up and go with their respective pieces of cheesecake.

I don’t know about you guys, but I suspect that Chrissy isn’t going to do anything. She’s not that kind of woman. Plus, Josh had all the time in the world after the whole Cody thing and didn’t make a move prior to them actually dating.

here’s what i’m thinking is going to happen. Chrissy, Josh and Felicia go out drinking, run into Amanda again, Amanda slips something into Chrissy’s drink thinking it was Josh’s trying to make him an easy target, but Chrissy ends up drinking it and then Josh confesses how he fells, suddenly Chrissy is the easy target. cut to next morning and there’s the start of the all new drama

Nobody brought this up… so I’m going to start it.

If many guys were like that upon seeing Jahida, it makes me wonder who in the world her hubby is and how in the world did he get so flippin’ lucky to marry her.

Curious minds want to know!!!

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