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even the meat from the security officer sparkles? that is a meat even i would have trouble eating

I know! That unicorn is just as eternally sparkly as a Twilight vampire! XP Yuck!
Well, I hope that unicorn will be digested before too long… if not for the sake of saving the Anthronauts, then for the sake of sparkle eradication!

i’m morbidly curious if the end result in the bathroom will sparkle as well

Mr. Sparkle cleaning products. best crap in town…

Yay, unicorn ham ! ^^

And it’s okay, Nixie, sometimes RL gets in the way. Take your time.

Wait… I’m not convinced that’s from the Unicorn… she cut and cleaned that meat awfully fast…

Oh whom am I kidding. It’s even sparkling. Welp, that’s one character I like down… if my history of liking characters meaning they die keeps up, that means Sir Rexley will be next on the chopping block.

Oh! So that’s what I forgot to add in while designing the ship! A chopping block!

Nixie, why do I have the feeling that they have a lot of Johan clones? I mean, I doubt a character like him would be killed off as quickly as this without us seeing him again

i have feeling so long as he does what the maiden wants he can come back due his heroic actions.. other wise i was right and nixie was planing on killing him from the beginning, but if he can come back prior to being killed… then that means we might have gag death run coming up soon due heroic unicorn can die over and over and many ways so long its intention are pure

I’ve always wondered why Caroline’s hair is spotted?

I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that this isn’t the first time Johan has died. Chances are they’ve got a couple of clones in the back storage like in the Venture Bros. He just kept dying so constantly it’s the only way for him to actually STAY alive.

….stupid Red Shirts…

So….recently read through the original again and I have to say that i hope some of the aspects are carried over into the reboot.

Which aspects would those be?

Well i really enjoyed the back stories about the Mandy and Rexley. The whole thing with the death of Meilin was very well done. And I liked the sexual tension between them. The timeline was interesting as well with the spread of humanity, culture clashes, and the alpha draconians were good. (Even though the name was similar to “Draconia Chronicles”)
I look forward to the continuation of the series. Love the artwork and keep going.

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