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Why ? I mean, it’s not like Mora tried to scheme something to evict anyone out of their house. Or tried to become some kind of monopoly tycoon by eradicating others. Plus, she gave home to a pair of homeless people. How on earth could Patches compare with her ? Comparing Patches with Mora would be like comparing stars with dirt.

“I didn’t really much care for Mora to begin with.”
Nice to see consideration for the one person that keeps this entire backet of nutcases and misfits together.

Am I arguing about imaginary characters ?? Oh dear … That’s enough internet for today. :-/

What is “SAD”? And that is understandable when you got alot of things to do for your life, Nixie. Just enjoy your month-long vacation with your family! πŸ™‚

SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder. A depression that hits at a certain time of the year. For me, at the end of autumn. I get very de-motivated and don’t want to do anything other than curl up in a warm place drinking tea.

Well hey at least that’s just emotional stress or whatnot that friends and family can help you through :3
When you have several Neuropsychiatric Syndroms like me, I get PHYSICALLY worn out during winter, most noticable my tourette amps despite meds. Also I become generally less energized, both physically and as a result also mentally/socially. and that’s jsut my life I’ve adapted to since the age of 10 when I got my diagnosises. Nothing I can do but pull through(has forced me to adopt a n outwards “better to laugh than cry philosophy”). fortunatly being born in the early 90’s has raised me in a time when professionals started to actually make an effort to help peeps like me^^
So what other subjects can we discuss? always nice to share stories or debates on who’s life sucks more, because, who wanna be happy anyway? πŸ˜‰

What I’m saying is, cheer up Nixie, Toshiro got the right set of mind, we’re her for you^^ After all it could be worse?
The pessimist says “this can’t get any worse :(”
The optimist answers “Sure it can! :D”

Not good for productivity? But your Xmas pinup/filler is both pretty and ADORABLE ^.^ like your Thnxgiving filler. It’s adorable even tough we Swedes don’t have Thnxgiving or black friday^^
You’re a good artist so never feel any pressure from us readers^_^
We’d be more worried if you DIDN’T take some time for your family and/or resting πŸ˜‰

can’t wait for the comics to resume, the anticipation will be building. Now, does that mean there will be no updates to this site at all, or will there be, like, small commission pics and artwork posted here during the hiatus?

I don’t plan on posting commissions or other art here during the hiatus, unless I feel a really powerful urge to draw something in particular for posting. If you’re worried about missing an update, don’t worry- at the top of the sidebar, there are five different ways to be notified of updates. ^_^

We’ll miss you, but do what you need to~! Do you have one of those blue light emitters to counter SAD?

I don’t have one of those lights, but I’d rather just lighten my workload through it…

Fair enough, and that is as it should be, really. The holidays should be fun! I hope you and your family enjoy your holiday together! Sorry for my undo curiosity – I didn’t mean anything by it.

I’ve just caught up with the Anthronauts reboot… Is it bad that I was rooting for the virginophile unicorn to get sacrificed? He’s just a really creepy guy.

And the more food the merrier. Maybe there will be enough food for Boris AND the rest of the ship now? It depends on how long the voyage is supposed to last, what kind of food Boris can eat, and whether anything below deck is edible.

Hay Nixie, at least your folks aren’t visiting for 3MONTHS.

I just noticed the gleam in the eye that you get when your giving off the emotion of love to a lover, and I don’t feel very comfortable with way she’s looking in our general direction, almost like she wants to kiss or hug us for some gift we may or may not have given, just sayin.

Wait, so after being trapped all these years, stuck in a new world with Ram no longer ruling over them, and with true defenses against the Silent Men alone, they’re just going to go their own separate ways? Man…talk about no loyalty or team work there. Are Devions really this cold or is it just survival of the fittest mentality?

Also, is it just me or is Furfur the true reason that @Avencri has made all those Rule 63 variation of all the comic strips? You know, because she can transform into the opposite of all the main characters. XD

But I am confused about one thing. I know that Froneus can take the disguise of whoever the viewer views him as, but can’t the Silent Men simply see that he is a Devion?

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