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AH SNAP! Ram just pretty much pawned O’Raelly on a physical (in regards to not healing his health) and psychological (in breaking his will) level. And seeing how ram can lift Ron’s body up like that, he can so do this to him…
Because Ron is so evil (based on O’Raelly’s perspective). XD

And I take it that Ram planned this all out from the very beginning. In fact, I’m surprised O’Raelly didn’t take into consideration Ram’s dagger. I guess in the end, his hubris blinded him from that. So much for all his contingencies.

Ramalach comes across here as an absolute, total badass willing to do just about anything, absolutely terrifying…
Until that last panel. Then he’s adorable!

More than a bit of plain “ass”, too – it felt as though they *did* enter into a bargain, and Ram is the one that didn’t deliver. Plus the taunts, and making an enemy who remains alive.
Sure, HE has no power to heal. What of his pals, tho?

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