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Anyway, …Johans! Lookout!! D:
Why did you wear a red shirt today D:

Does that count if the Shirt is a Vest Armor, I thought it was just the Red Shirts that kills.

Great plan ! I’m sure killing the security officer WON’T result in them being sent through the airlock ^^

Well he is a Pervert, So I would say he would forgive her out of shake of love.

He’s anything but a pervert. He’s just eccentric has a very weird…. sixth… sense… If you think he’s a pervert you need to think twice about it… Because everyone is a bit of a perv but not this guy. He’s just…. Unique xD And eccentric honest folk don’t deserve to be stabbed in the back.


cause hes nice and a unicorn

cause he has a red shirt

why did he wear a red shirt???

cause he looks good in it

Is he taking off his armor in the 4th panel. Is he getting off on the thought of putting her in handcuffs? That’s really creepy in a rapey sort of way.

she looks so innocent in the light bulb panel

and then she turns into Dexter at the end.


you know the serial killer from TV.

She’s kinda an evil li’l bobcat….

I really hope they all get killed now. They’re all insane and stupid. And I don’t like evil cults either. Wouldn’t THAT be an interesting direction for the story to turn. Boris eats them all except for the squid who is equally powerful and learns it’s actually the same species as him and the backstory of the species and tries to turn him to the dark side so to speak and then SURPRISE! The rest of the story is him trying to atone after killing everyone has a devastating effect on him. He has a showdown in the end with the other squid creature and that’ll be that.

the whole point of the reboot was to escape the dark drama not slam head first into it
also purity sure Parvati’s cult is not “evil” just… kinky?

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