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Love the double lower jaw.

“Acrobatic pirouette dodge”.
This sound effect shall go into memorial list of great sound effects, along with “kadoosh’ed” and “doublecross”

wow they know skills!!! quick use the RUN skill

then use the hide in the closet skill

That mean your going to come out of the closet then? I’m trying out this sparkling ribeye steaks someone left in the kitchen.

my house doesn’t even have a closet

Then where you hide your skeletons? I tried hiding mine in the basement but they piled up i build a new sauna and a murphy bed oh and a set of patio furniture from what i had in my basement so now i dug a hole under my garage and store them in that closet.

Oh and surprised nobody noticed its an upskirt shot there. For a panda thats a nice view.

Let’s count cliches.
1 – Turning your head and coming face to face with a wicked mouth full of sharp teeth
2 – Mutated scientist in a torn lab coat
3 – When cornered by a mindless predator, resort to flattery
4 – Alien screeching and revealing a double lower jaw
I really liked this page. It was refreshingly cheesy.

NixieSeal, Gravedigger wants you to know your comic has fallen two places to number 9 on his list, but hes still liking the reboot better than the original

Well, I guess reminiscing about horrible parents is one way to bond with someone. XD

But in all due seriousness, Marianne’s dad count scared even Ram, which is pretty amazing giving that I always imagined him to live in an error where multiple spouses were permitted, or whatever is common with the whole Devion mating rituals. I will say that there is quite a bit of text in here, but it does an okay job of providing some quick exposition into Marianne’s past as we, the readers, really don’t know much about her, especially this stepsister. Applying the one common trope, I suspect that this stepsister is Avigail…
I hope not as that is going to be so AWKWARD for Ron too.

And is it just me or is Marianne trying to ditch Ron? Is she perhaps afraid of a steady relationship?

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