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Well, it seems like Nekonny finally gets…
Wait…WHAT!? Why would he turn it down? It probably has something to do with everything that has happened thus far.

Well he was pretty much willing to accept being a cat for kimi in the first place so he stopped caring about that a while ago. Now that she’s gone maybe he want to keep the cat form sinceit was the form he had when the first meet, and fell in love. Either that or Nekonny is about to hit us with a big surprise twist to the ending.

no, i think i see why he doesnt want nekocat form remember he a human that got transformed into a nekocat due the bell, if anything he would want to be human again since thats what this was all about in the first place since tina online, and the fact that kimi and hit it off he wouldn’t want that form because he would hate it due he would think of kimi even worse, and he was happy in cat form because he had kimi besides him so i am guessing eh would ask to be back in human form rather than having the reminders of the pain with him loosing kimi

Sorry to change subject, but … What is that Tine online you mentioned here? I can’t find it in Katbox and when I try to google it, it gives me some Tina Turner video :I Can you explain a bit about it, or give me a link to it, please ?

Nekonny originally made a comic, titled TinaOnline, featuring himself with Tina and Yuki in a city. Tina buys a sort of transformation powder to turn into a tiger but accidentally pours it on Nekonny, who had a name but I forget, and he’s turned into a cat. One of the pages of the comic references this. It was in black and white and seemed to have the style of the first pages of the comic. The last strip features Tina about to force Nekonny into a pet talent show. Where the comic has gone is unknown but Nekonny possibly has the strips somewhere but doesn’t want to post them since they’re old and outdated.

They are still floating around the net somewhere, but it’s most likely you’ll find a foreign language version than the English one that used to be on the Katbox. Most likely it will make a comeback in a new format after CB is done, as a prequel of sorts.

Hey, remember when one of this comic’s main themes was that we can decide our own destiny/fate? Because I sure do.

Last I checked, the comic isn’t over yet!

I’m waiting til the end and I see everything set in stone before I leap to any conclusions about what the heck is happening. I’m sure that plays a part in what Nekonny’s about to do or why he turned it down, I dunno.

I’m just feeling so conflicted right now. I am incredibly disappointed in this new direction, but I don’t want to come off as a whiner.

You’re right. I have a tendency to jump to conclusions and have knee-jerk reactions. I’ll try not to pass judgement until I see the big “THE END” sign.

Like it’s such a big mystery what’ll happen. Either it just continues on in this depressing direction painted as happy optimism or we get some deus ex machina deal where Nekonny wishes Kimi back to life somehow. And if the latter turns out to be true, then I ask in advance, what the hell was the point of killing her off to begin with?

may be to test if nekoony truly loved her. I mean he set out to to island to become human again, but if he throws that away for kimi it’s clearly true love.

so if kimi does come back it was all so kind of sick test for nekonny set up by the spirits to see if he and kimi’s love was real.

well Fluff the possible reason Nekonny may have to turn down being a nekocat is probably the reminder that because of his overconfidence he blindly rushed off at the boss and it’s what basically cost Kimi her life to come out and “avenge” him not knowing he was still alive under the rubble, that is the possible reason why he would turn down going back to that form, it’s his personal shame so to speak

Nekonny you fool! You’re going to miss those opposable thumbs!

Don’t forget that bitching combat armor!

Also don’t forget that he no longer would be forced to use kitty litter and eat cat food and sleep all day and not have a care in the world.

At the cost of not living as long…BUT WHAT A GREAT LIFE IT COULD BE WHILE IT LASTS

why do i get the feeling after this ends, there will be a whole new adventure? why do i feel that? and plus maaaybe Maya has already reverted back cause remember when nekonny was a cat she was human and vise versa so mayyybe he wants kimi back as a gift

Oh wow, I can see why he would refuse that gift. Yes, it’s what he wanted when they first landed on the island, but without Kimi he no longer cares about being human again, even if it is in Nekocat form.
That’s why I believe he is refusing, he’d rather have Kimi alive than get what he wanted.

Things are just getting better and better. But I understand his choice.

I love it how Kimi seems be lying to herself when it comes what she is saying…do you see her expression as she is trying to reassure him….she looks so sad.

Kimi has never had the need to lie to Nekonny, she just wants him to be happy and not blame himself for her losing her life defeating the evil monster that threatened everyone on the island.
but at the same time she probably does not want to say good bye to Nekonny either because they can’t stay there forever so while there is still time she wants to get her message across to him (and probably tell him that she will love him forever and to not forget her when she’s gone)

There s only one thing his mind and heart whant. So I can see why he’d not give a dam about getting that form.

Remember when Nekonny rushed the boss monster and went into his bell. It looked like he died and Kimi took his place. I’m willing to bet that Maya will see how selfish she was and take Kimi’s place

Maybe but she also had feelings for nekonny that where hidden for awhile.

Wut… how can they transform him permanently?

Maya should act selfless for once in this comic and take Kimi’s place so Kimi can live with Nekonny

Agreed but I don’t see her doing it after stealing the bell. I fill like its more likely neko giving up his life to give kimis back to her.

and HOW do you Figure that? how would maya take Kimi’s place so she could live again and be with Nekonny? are you guys asking she become a martyr and do a trade her life for Kimi’s that won’t happen at all!

…Nekony, don’t be an idiot. Just take it. If not for the sake of being human again then at least so that one day you may join Kimi.

I would’ve taken the offer, honestly I’ve felt like whenever the Hero turns down the original thing he was striving for, it felt like a complete and utter cop-out, like how all the DC heroes are fucking retarded for refusing to kill extremely dangerous and murderously psychopathic villains

The DC heroes never strived to kill anyone, how is this comparable?

because it’s counter-productive to the original goal of the hero, for Nekonny it’s becoming human again, for DC heroes, it’s stopping evil, seeing as the villains never change in DC comics and no prison can seem to hold them at all, refusing to end them just keeps the populace at risk

People can have a change of heart once they see things from a different perspective, Kimi kinda gave him that. Besides, I think that he even mentioned in the comic (page 111) that becoming nekocat wasn’t the solution he had been hoping for anyway.

In all honesty, I think her ‘Destiny’ was forced by the guardians. If you recall, she was taken UNWILLINGLY into their ball of light. So her Destiny is actually just being robbed of her life. The Guardians were selfish, and now it’s just them trying to have pity for taking someone he loves, not for helping them. Least that’s my two cents..

Nekonny, ask those guardians if they made sure you just got a few bruises instead of getting killed when a good chunk of a building fell on you ! Then if they did say they saved you, tell them that you should have died alongside Kimi.

They MUST HAVE brought him back by keeping his essence in the bell after he died…and then not tell him. There is simply no way he survived with just a few bruises. I SENSE A CONSPIRACY!

I agree 100% with Borderwolf


But there is no proof that he didn’t die either haha. He did hit that wall at building-shattering speed (at least it appeared that way). I didn’t mean to make you mad.

In the comic 314, Nekonny said that everyone couldn’t explain how he got only a few injuries. So I was thinking that maybe the guardians might have a hand in him NOT getting killed. I’m thinking that that he might reveal that he was originally human and ask to be returned to being human, or ask to join Kimi in death.

If my loved one was basically forced into a bum deal to die because some selfish prick wanted a FEMALE savior? Yes. I mean the original point of this comic was that you could seize your own destiny, guess what. Kimi’s was stolen from her by a blue ghost bitch… you don’t do that shit man.

The reality is that they all died in the plane crash over to the island and this was all a dream… WHAT A TWIST! o_O

… I see him regretting saying “No” shortly after they leave. Also, where’s Maya?

Also where is “Tina Online”? I can’t find it.

Had a thought at work last night (My job is a night shift job (janitor)), and while I was doing my job, I thought that what if that “No” in the final panel is NOT from Nekonny.
Suspect number 1. Maya, being a selfish brat and wanting to be a nekocat again.
Suspect number 2. Yani (Alice’s cat), insisting that nekocats should be female.
Suspects numbers 3 & 4. Mika andor Muna, wanting Nekonny to stay as a cat.
Possible suspect 5. A Nekocat guardian that doesn’t want a male nekocat.

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