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Is there a particular reason that Caroline got made bite-sized, other than being adorable and inducing sugar shock?

Not a big fan of HS, never really read it, but Caroline is the one with the tiny blue feline hat and features right? Cause I remember this one thing I saw once, where they put Tiny Tinas voice actor, from Borderlands to her, and it was AMAZING

I got to Megacon and around 25% of the people there dress up like this now. No imagination left… Though I am still creeped out about the big guy dressed up as Misty from Pokemon or that one guy who was a Sailor Moon but could pass as a girl……..

You all might be interested in this….APPARENTLY, Homestuck is the prequel for the REAL story

hey NixieSeal, id like to ask you, how often do you update your comic??????

I try to update every Friday (or Thursday evening). That doesn’t always work because I’ve got a toddler to take care of and a broken tablet pen, but I try.

thanks for the info, I do have one problem with your art work though, which otherwise is awesome

What’s the problem?

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