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Mandy gets mad when you spill her tea interesting…

Pffft, horrible taste in lingerie. XD

My husband and roomie wouldn’t stop making jokes about that panel while I was drawing it… XD

having just crammed the whole previous story in, I like the reboot better

Cheng’s thoughts: And to think she calls herself a furry yet shes bare down there.
My thoughts: Can we see that jump with a random burst of wind to flip the skirt up?

she might be wearing shorts under her lab coat

that would sooo cause camel-cat-toe i stil wanna see her, maybe put her in a ninja outfit for holloween page or maybe a svelt dress outfit

why would that cause camel toe????
that would be awesome if she landed on a air vent

Well legs stretched far apart while wearing booty shorts or low rise shorts given she has a tail… either way she’s someone I would enjoy holding close even if she puts fresh claw marks on my back and some low hisses as I make her forget about Borris. bet you she never knew a wolf with mad tongue skills

Ok well Borris, will eat the meat he meets to eat the meat he needs and eat the one he had as though he were her dad but her life will fade as he eats her weight in the meat he eats. (Long story short possible spoiler alert in that line of poetry.) besides the fact I think its scary if borris had. used some of his or calimary’s dna when creating the ms. wimble.. never know what she may turn into under extreme pressure.

for some reasonnthe fox guy reminds me of vegita from dragon ball z kai

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