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I take it THATS his sister?

His very idiotic sister who will not last very long in this academy. I look forward to seeing this character maimed by the more experienced students.

hey wait a minute, isn’t she the chick that attacked Reiko at the beach way back when????

If that is her, then I am not surprised. Once a failure always a failure .(sometimes)

Jazmin is the more mature sister with the right priorities focused, yet she is out classed and constantly humiliated by Reiko. It is obvious Jazmin should be the more successful sibling and not be dragged down by her sister, but either Godai did not think this through or sees Reiko with better favor.

that’s why it sucks to be the younger sibling( I have the same problem)

Then prove your worth.

I have, but it usually gets overlooked

Hehe, let’s see if Lukas can keep up that resolution.

Also, who is the TFing snow leopard again here? Would really be helpfull if there were a list of lal characters that appeared in the comic, with brief descriptions? Just saying.

Now, onwards to a transformative new year ahead of us.

Snow Leopard’s a Finance Student. He managed to diffuse one situation by pointing out that it wasn’t economically feasible and tried to do the same when Mary and Andorra tried to take over Atlantis. Celia turned him into a show leopard way back when ( ), just before asking him out. Since there hasn’t been any indication that they’ve broken up and he’s a semi-recurring character (who has accompanied them on vacations, like when they spent the holidays with Constantin and Dominique), they’re presumably still dating.

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