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Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Whoa…first comment. Heavy. 🙂 Love the artwork as usual. Dem abs! I am insanely jealous. >.>

This is the “First comment spam police”
Drop your piece and come out with your hands up

I will not be silenced!!!!!!!!!!!

*Gets sword* Wanna bet punk?

I know I’m late but I like Sarah, and don’t exactly know what going on. Also be for the impending ass kick you may star to give I’m going to let ya know I like her as friend. Besides don’t take this the wrong way, and I’m not hitting on you or anything but um girl like you are more my type.

smooth Thanksgiving pic Hawke looks awesome but who is her cute friend whom she has her hands around her waist from? as we know these gals know how to keep fit n_n

can Gravedigger have both girls?????

NO!!!!!!!!! *hits Gravedigge with a shotgun uppercut and its supper effective* you SHARE THEM like everyone else or NOT have them at all!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t say I wouldn’t share

and what the hell is a shotgun upper cut??

im sooooooooooooooooo glade you asked that……..

its basically getting hit with an uppercut and at the moment of impact it blasts you with well a shotgun blast …..much to the same effect as getting uppercuted by yang from “RWBY” when she’s using her gauntlets

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