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Too bad you all got sick. Take your time and I hope all of you get well soon. Enjoy your time with them and do make the best of your downtime: stay in bed a little longer, enjoy the pampering, or take some time to watch the world around you from a different perspective. Being sick is really not fun, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get something good in return.
Take care of yourself and your family. Cheers!

Awwww, you and your family poor things. Like Luis Felipe Abad Guzman said, take your time and take as much rest as you want. Dont forget to drink some water (or any Powerade/Gatorade). You could also drink a small bottle of 7UPS or any of clear soft drink (like Sprites) to help your tummy to have some stomach acid and settle down.
I hope those advices would help you and your family to get better. Get well soon!

augh i saw this and didnt think to post because if i said what i was going to say it would have looked like i was being a idiot and making in front of you for getting sick..
make sure you drink lots of liquid and stay out new england were already buried and sick of the snow as is we dont need to get sick and tired… my wife would enslave me and hook up some remote control device to my arms and legs to make me shovel us out… wait… come here nixie let me kiss you so i can get sick lol i kid i kid… now where my wife…mawahahhah

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