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I love how much you can instantly glean from this picture about Molly’s personality, whether it was deliberate or incidental – she’s kneeling, but armed, and her expression’s an eager one, as if to suggest that she never REALLY rests. Anxious, probably sadistic, and she likely lives for those moments of excitement – while I can see her brother as being a former pirate, I definitely don’t see Molly as someone who would (or even could) give it up quite as easily. And the cigar, of course, adds a bunch of subtle implication to the overall imagery. An addictive substance, but one not generally associated with feminine characters – either she picked it up because she didn’t care about gender roles, or she had a strong male role model whom she imitated and found it fit her like a glove. Was it her brother? Did she see him smoking a cigar once – the one time he tried it, since he didn’t get all that into it – and develop the habit by proxy? The cigar could be symbolic of the pirate life as a whole, the life Perrin Rexley abandoned, but that Molly Rexley could never really kick, not that she ever wanted to. But she worshiped the ground her older brother walked on, did what she saw him doing, and when she had a knack for every little thing she saw him try, she built up this connection in her head, this core belief that they were one and the same. She followed in his footsteps until she couldn’t follow them anymore, and when that happened, she followed the man she believed he’d be, became one of the greatest pirates in the galaxy in her own right. And when she meets him again, finds him the pilot – not even the captain – of a no-name ship barely scraping by on the edge of space, she won’t know quite what to make of it. Disbelief, disillusionment, or even a refusal to accept reality will settle in, and her desperation to reconcile dreams with fact will spiral into a disaster scenario that could ruin them both.

…But nah, I’m reading too much into it.

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