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Act like a bitch ? She’s in love with him, she proposed him a nice meal and hinted him he could stay here. In other words, she proposed her love to him. Yet he turned her down, with a manner – or rather an absence of manner – that was practically like spitting in her face. Minos acted like a complete jerk. Thick as a brick and a jerk.

You’re obviously a female who thinks just like Mora. Or even worse, a male whose mind has been poisoned by one. Yes. Act like a bitch. Almost to an impossibly exaggerated amount that I would almost be inclined to say is worse than any person in real life if I didn’t know better. She’s the worst. She got exactly what she deserved. And I say that because I’m such a nice guy. A less nice guy might say she didn’t deserve to have someone come to her rescue when she met Minos the first time. And love? Bull. She wasn’t in love with anything but herself and her own self interest. She didn’t even know him, she took him for an idiot, thinking he could be so easily manipulated. How much can person A “love” person B when person A just met person B and thinks person B is an idiot who will fall for a really cheesy and transparent con and just wants to jump person B’s bones? If that’s your idea of love, I imagine you might well be standing at a street corner right now with a good prospect of getting that kind of love.

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