Bothersome picnic

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I’d really like to see a picnic scene with the gang. (celia, cath, genie, lukas, mark and vivian) but I know the more characters there are the longer it takes. SO if this does not inspire you or If you believe it will take to long. Just use Lukas and Genie (My two favorites characters).… Continue reading Bothersome picnic

The new recruit

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For the sketch itself, I would like to have my OC, AMP, in We are the Men in Black, for We are Many (aka Smith) cosplay. Because of the shades, I would recommend someone of a more serious expression. If it’s not too much trouble, could you add two other Smith agents to the side,… Continue reading The new recruit

Tid et Riesz

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Might be a bit of a blast from the past but, how about Tid and Riez. These are the characters of what I did before Addictive Science. I did a bunch of things before doing Addictive Science, and this was a series I actually finished. I still like the characters, and you can spot them… Continue reading Tid et Riesz


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For this month’s Patreon Sketch, I would like to have my weasel OC, and Celia from Addictive Science transformed into feral reindeer. I would like to have Celia prancing all around in glee. As for AMP, I would like him to have one of his frontal hoofs up near his face looking at it. Recommended… Continue reading Prancing