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Da News

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Hello gents! Here be the news! First off:
this sunday 28th of July I shall do a sketch drive again! Pop on in on my Picarto here at 16:00 local Berlin time (15h Greenwich, 10 AM Eastcoast) and make a request for one or two characters, and I shall draw them!
Just provide some refs. : P
Next up, regular Addictive Science will resume on Monday! This one should be a longer story. Probably. Maybe. Eh let’s see.

Bunch of News

Bunch of News published on No Comments on Bunch of News

Hello you all!
I have safely made it back to the EU this sunday and am slowly getting back in the groove. I arrived just in time for a new historical heat record though, so I am not sure about the sunday sketch drive yet as it is during the hotest time of the day.

Normally it should take place at the usual time and day– sunday at 4 PM local time– as it should go down with the temperatures then, but there is a chance of it not happening, so I’ll make an upload this saturday to tell you.

Next up, the Katbox will close later this year, you can read more on it here:

The Hard Update

What it means for Addictive Science is that it’ll get moved to a different site, CLASSIFIED is planning on adding me in onto a new site, CLASSIFIED. A friend of mine has made some nifty automation that should make the move painless, cause I ain’t gonna manually reupload 2400 pages! XD

Other than that I had a great travel, I’ve started work on ongoing commissions again and have plotted about half of the next AS out, which is planned to go up… pretty much immediately after the heat wave.

Travel news and more!

Travel news and more! published on No Comments on Travel news and more!

Hello lads! Tomorrow I shall start uploading the next Addictive Science short, after it I will take a hyatus, for indeed the tenth of July a pretty boss travel awaits: I will be travelling to Canada, in the Region on Montreal and Ottawa and stuff!

I will, in the meantime, upload the travel log of my last travel, september 2018– in the alps– and there will be quite a special involving Addictive Science: the non-canon short with the crazed dullahan witch (this one: )makes a comeback, for a large sequel!
these will, again, be written by the lovely Qerw:

The first monday of the month shall be a sketch drive of course, so stay tuned!

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