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The Great Celia Project 1

The Great Celia Project 1 published on 1 Comment on The Great Celia Project 1

So this year Addictive Science is celebrating its tenth birthday on this world!

To celebrate I have decided to draw all of Celia’s forms assumed over the duration, in order of appearance! So here are the first few months. It didn’t take long to get bonkers…

Da News

Da News published on No Comments on Da News

Hello gents! Here be the news! First off:
this sunday 28th of July I shall do a sketch drive again! Pop on in on my Picarto here at 16:00 local Berlin time (15h Greenwich, 10 AM Eastcoast) and make a request for one or two characters, and I shall draw them!
Just provide some refs. : P
Next up, regular Addictive Science will resume on Monday! This one should be a longer story. Probably. Maybe. Eh let’s see.

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