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Addictive Witchcraft 9

Addictive Witchcraft 9 published on 1 Comment on Addictive Witchcraft 9

Commissioned by Qerw, what happens when you ask help to a dullahan kitsune wicth.
Making good use of everything that is possible when you leave the canon out at the door. XD

The headless fox first appeared in this comic commissioned by Rayjohnson who is the owner of that character.

Travel news and more!

Travel news and more! published on No Comments on Travel news and more!

Hello lads! Tomorrow I shall start uploading the next Addictive Science short, after it I will take a hyatus, for indeed the tenth of July a pretty boss travel awaits: I will be travelling to Canada, in the Region on Montreal and Ottawa and stuff!

I will, in the meantime, upload the travel log of my last travel, september 2018– in the alps– and there will be quite a special involving Addictive Science: the non-canon short with the crazed dullahan witch (this one: )makes a comeback, for a large sequel!
these will, again, be written by the lovely Qerw:

The first monday of the month shall be a sketch drive of course, so stay tuned!

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